PeeJay's Neophyte Breeding Adventure

I'm interested!
A few shots of the two Chitrals. This strain is a fast finisher. I think it's going to beat the DarkStar to the jar. These are main colas. Only lower branches have been pollinated. I'll take the colas and let the bottom ride until seeds are nicely mature. You can spot the more purple, smaller pheno. I'm too lazy to sort this morning. I'm looking forward to growing out the clones and applying a little training to them. These two haven't exactly gotten the star treatment.







The Panama is getting to be porn worthy, too. I'll post up some pics soon.
Gorgeous PeeJay!
What Fifi said.....:circle-of-love:
People go ga-ga over purple I tell ya. Thanks everyone. The Dinafem cheese is outstanding after three weeks cure. I've grown two feminized versions of classic "yesterday's news" Dinafem strains, the OG and the Cheese. In both cases the plants were well behaved, yielded well and delivered the strain's classic character in spades. Really good stuff that you can toss in a seed and be confident of a quality pheno.

Here's a picture of Cheese after 3 weeks cure.


Dinafem OG

oh wow love the look of the og, has a red tinit to it. You know that red plant youve posted reminds me of a plant I grew called krowberry many years ago

Krowberry? This one? Black Russian x GDP? Looks fun.

Geez. Is that strain normally that red? Did you let it get colder in the grow room before harvest?

Also what kind of aroma does the chitral have? Its on my list and I am curious about it.

CC I don't recall doing anything out of the ordinary to try to boost the color on the OG. I have seen others grow the strain and it usually has a lot of red pistils. The Chitral is all berry - smells like strawberry breakfast cereal.
Guy called Krow made the beans I believe, im not sure on the genetics. My friend Monkey was given 4 beans n I grew a clone of one of those. First picture is the Krow n the next 2 is GDP cus you mentioned it which was sent also before u cud buy the beans as a clone

Im sorry about posting pictures in your thread just thought you might like to see them

Pretty, Herbie!

Here are a few swan song pictures of the Sage 'n Sour. Sour is still kicking up a fuss and wanting to be done with it but now Sage is whispering in my ear, "It's time." It starts coming down tomorrow.





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