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OG's Hi Brix Organic: LEDs, Perpetual Harvest


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Hello everyone,
I am starting a new journal. I am starting hi brix growing using doc buds kit.
I will be doing a perpetual harvest in my 2x6' cabinet. 2x4' for veg.

Just started 14 seeds and have a few clones from before too (mostly new kinds though for variety)


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Did u already let the dirt sit. I was real interested in docs kit. Jus never took the leap! Happy for u!! Heard its easier once u get things mixed right but its all a process!!


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Welcome guys!
No, I have not cooked my dirt yet. Doc buds kits are still stuck in Canada customs for last two days. As soon as I get it I will start cooking the soil. Right now is just mix of 4 parts pro-mix hp organic to one part organic worm castings.


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New Strains just started from seed:

Ultimate Purple - BC Bud Depot
LSD - Barney's Farm
Girl Scout Cookies - Cali Connection
Sour Diesel - Rerserva Privada

Clones kept from last grow that are staying for at least one more grow:
Amnesia haze
White widow
Strawberry blue

Also MAYBE keeping a clone of these just in case I want them later. Not sure though, need to cut down on numbers :
Incredible bulk
Pineapple chunk
Critical kush


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I'll take the 2nd seat! In with a grin!

Wow OG you have a bunch of cool genetics, do only the best move on to the flower cab?

I try to get some of the best, but there are still lots I want. I want to get cannabiogen destroyer next.

Also I've so many i for got one. I have been growing CBD Dutch Treat Fem From Crop King Seeds in hydro. Already have a clone of that in dirt. It's my only medical strain so far and I have discovered I like cbd ;-)
It's nothing special, but the single seed was a gift from a medical patient friend.


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I'm in OG! I'll be interested to see your progress. It seems as though you're gonna need to cut down the # of plants you keep significantly since you only have limited grow space. I'll help if I can but there are much more experienced DBHBB growers who are sure to follow along. Have a good one!

Plan is to bloom only 4-14 at a time perpetual harvest. Don't worry I will do ok with what I have ;-)

Once I have all the duplicate phenos grown out and picked best of, I plan to bloom 4 at a time larger ones in perpetual harvest, but I need to bloom lots first to get best phenos.


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Wow mixing 60 gallons of doc buds kit soil is a fair amount of work! But it's done. Now it has a non air tight lid on it, that's ok right? We're not going for anaerobic right?


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Wow mixing 60 gallons of doc buds kit soil is a fair amount of work! But it's done. Now it has a non air tight lid on it, that's ok right? We're not going for anaerobic right?
I like mixing soil. Wow 60 gallons is a lot! I've done 30 gallons once.There is a person over on an organic soil thread planing to mix 32 30 gallon pots of soil.

Non air tght lid is preferred to air tight. The lid is mostly to hold in moisture - maybe a bit of heat.

You might want to jump over to a couple of Doc Bud's threads and share a link to this thread - It'd be good to invite some expert growers to follow your thread :)
:oops: I see you already did In The Lab With Doc Bud:


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Here are the seedlings and fresh clones in the hardware store potting soil blend. I think it has too much fertilizer for seedlings, my seedlings lower leaves have changed colour. What do you sool guys think? Overfeeding fert? Small clones in same cheap soil doing fine in red cups (two with humidity domes) However the larger clones that have moved on to non-augmented organic soil and worm castings mixture seem very happy.

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