MassMedMan's Hi Brix Perpetual Featuring 600W LEDs

So, there is not much else to say about Doc and his kit. I'm a man of few words, but this is the beginning of as new journal with Doc Buds Hi Brix kit, and I'll be using two LED lights to start, for blooming.

But, I think it's safe to say that the majority of my growing from this point forward will revolve around Doc's kit, and that is why I've finally decided to keep a Hi Brix perpetual.

I've always wanted to try Doc's kit and LEDs - hopefully the rest is history.

I hope combining Doc Bud's proven kit, with am upcoming star like LED's will allow me to harvest great product for the people I help. Oh, and of course me. But, this isn't about me anymore, and that it's why I've chosen the best.

Been another long day, took five clones that were a week old and put them in solo cups with Doc's soil that has been brewing for thirty days.

Pictures show the basics. Two THC Bombs, Two Critical, and One Deep Cheese. There will be a Holy Grail Kush in there soon for the sixth.

More details to come. Thank you all for helping me on this journey I'm about to begin....




Yes, I keep Doc's kit in a ammo can..brrrrrrp:jawdropper:
Subbed. Glad to see something positive on the forums.

A friend of Dutty's is a friend of mine! Subbed for sure, can't wait to see what you do with this winning combination! I won't be far behind :)
Subbed. Glad to see something positive on the forums.

A friend of Dutty's is a friend of mine! Subbed for sure, can't wait to see what you do with this winning combination! I won't be far behind :)

Happy to see you, MAX!

You've provided a lot of helpful guides to Doc's kit which are very helpful, so thank you!!

Day later and they look happy...
Pulled the Humidity dome off this morning.... RH in tent itself is high anyway,,, Two days into the soil now and they look great,, actually,, all my clones do,,, some serious reading to do today....this was last night;
Have had Doc's kit for months, but today was the first time I really sat down and read all the great instructions made by the members here.

With that, my girls got a foliar of destress after some straight RO water... looks good. I feel like I'm behind already and need to read, read, read...this shot is a few hours later a after a reorganization,, Doc's on left, inside track are ones I did a few days back in straight soil plus rooting powder, and the right are the other clones from the clone king which aren't in doc's kit;

In honor of my friend DP I decided to drop my two Ed Rosenthal Super Bud beans,, they'll go in doc's,, or they did... all proper except I soaked in kelp water,,, this was last night when I decided to soak,, before I realized I'd put them in Doc's, and had read how to drop in his kit. That was the only change.

I hope I get a girl...

Since my spring fling thread got 86d, and it's my perpetual,, I'll update the plants here, last week they got a half dose of house and garden,, but really water only the whole time, thirty days old, the mother's of my clones, might flip mid to late next month...


Again, since it's my perpetual, veg tent.. busy,, three candy kush that were going in the woods are in SWICK and camo container....


My jedi,,, better everyday but I'm losing hope


Dam droids
Subbed really interested how this turns out for you

Happy to have you, Joe,, aren't you using H&G in a grow,, ?

Got my cans for this grow, also got ten one gallons.. sticking to the program..


Clones look good,, if it's screwed up or they are I have another batch soon ready to go.. plenty of things in between to keep me busy..
To add a few more to my perpetual,, some Afghani's, and some DP Chocolate Lighting... all are about two weeks old.. unknown sex,, looking for oil from all to help person with MS.

I've been FIMMINg them, looking to get that technique down,, next up is super cropping... read about that but haven't tried it.


Last but not least. I got a four header. It's a female CBD OG that DP recommended,, cough, cough, to me. I'm growing it for,,.not sure, I hope oil,, last three nodes have four leaf/branches coming out,, thought at first they were just stacked,, have been watching closely,,but, looks like it's a four head,,a genetic thing????
Got some girls transplanted to sevens today,, I swear they grew in a few hours.. probably two weeks till I flip..


Right after

Two hours later...

Doc's clones on left, straight in dirt in middle, bubble cloner only on right. Just gave them some destress,,, funny name for plant food.

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