OG's Hi Brix Organic: LEDs, Perpetual Harvest

Our Canabdian government is anoyying and inconsistent with the import charges for sure. I will let you know what the cost is if any.
The seller indicated the value can be marked at any value you like just ask, but I didn’t ask them to reduce it.
I'll be curious about your light and see how it performs...as well, if there any added costs above the free shipping...as I recall, I ordered something thru them and there were brokerage fee's to pay to DHL upon delivery...cheerz...h00k...:rollit:
I just got the import bill for our governents share. It was $25 Canadian (us$19)
Very nice to be legal for 25 plants. Its def not going in that direction here in QC. They still think they have a shot at controlling the plant over here. Banning home production so all the millions they dumped into these green houses wasn't for nothing.... I can tell ya at $13 a gram they won't be going far lol.

Was it DHL that delivered that light? Usually its DHL that charges that brokers fee. None of the other delivery services charge me fees and I order from china and the states all the time. When a company says they use DHL to ship I ask for another shipping company or cancel.
They charged $5 the rest is for government tax. FedEx and ups charge more than that. Canada post also charges $5. They all work on the declared value though. Declare under $100 and they don’t charge. If you want to avoid brokerage with any shipper get the value declared under $100.

I buy over 5 packages per week from China and USA. I never go to stores in person anymore.

For the home growing you can still get a prescription and register to grow that way.
kewl!...looking forward to seeing how it works for you...I spent a couple years slowly acquiring some LED's and a couple COB units, all cheap Chinese products, but I'm happy with them, but, when they begin to die, I'm thinking about replacements...the quantum boards seem appealing, but, hard to source kits in Canada(so far), and the exchange and shipping is a bitch from stateside...There is a small outfit, I believe in the GTA, that sells assembled units...True Northern Lighting...they only make 2 models as far as I know, but looking at a model that sounds good for a 2X4 space...

This Light can be stacked as much as you want in your LED setup! Great addition to any grow.

The Stats

  • Wattage: 238 watts @ 120v 60hz
  • Dimensions: 9" x 23"
  • Chips: 432
  • K temp: 4000k
  • Efficiency 2.3 umol/J
  • Lummen efficiency: 181 Lm/w
  • Total Lummen: 43,078
  • Dimmable 50-100%
  • 4 1/2" Hangpoints
  • Solid Plate design
  • Recommended hang height 14"
  • Hang Range 12"-24" Higher you go Larger the footprint

Our Plate series is our standard fixture running a 238W this light will be perfect to flower a 4x4 tent at a beginner level.

These fixtures also work well in pairs to up the wattage in your grow space!

1 Year Manufactures warranty ...300 bones(CAD)

...I've no immediate need for more lights...just thinkin' out loud and putting it out there...cheerz...h00k...oh!...Yer' girlz look lovely...:thumb:...:rollit:
I have my prescription already lol. Believe me they don't give 2 fucks about what the federal courts say they still go with the "they are in charge and they said no plants and only they can sell it" lol. Hell they wouldn't even acknowledge my prescription from Ontario, They told me I had to go see a Quebec doctor and have a prescription from them for it to "count". Im sure if ever I had some troubles, I could take my case to a higher court and win should the issue ever come up. Just a bigger pain in my ass but I gotta stay here for family stuff.
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