Another Brix In The Wall: Sweet Pink Stink & Coked Out Girl Scout

Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

Couldn’t resist growing could ya lol.... It’s was so hard on me watching everyone else grow but no being able to myself. I even tried to convince my wife to bring one to my room so I could grow one there. She said hospitals didn’t allow our plants lol. But they did allow me to use my medicine

Haha, that's funny Dark! You should've said it was an emotional support plant!

No, I could not resist popping some seeds, actually wish I had done it sooner. My plan when I popped these was to find a spot in the woods and throw em out there once warm enough which should be soon BUT I think I have a spot to grow some of them indoors, maybe 4 or 6. I'll let them all grow until I see sex then pick the finest gals that will fit in the space and go with it. Didn't want to start a journal so am just using this old one.

Good times!

It's been decided. Keep in mind these are bag seeds and kind of an experiment. I decided to grow them like house plants in a sun room that gets lots of sun. I really hope it works out but won't be too disappointed if it doesn't. They finally got into 1's so they should take off.

Any suggestions or warnings about growing this way?

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