Steppenwolf's High Brix Grow

I havent gotten any emails from the site in a few days, so I didnt think anyone was posting lol. I came back to a flurry of activity! Thanks guys for the responses amd interest. And thanks Doc for answering the questions that came up. Derecho, i like your style. Doc can get you straightened out.

congratulations on your harvest!

Thanks King! I got lucky.

Oh man.....I would love to try that GWS. That looks amazing.

Thanks Doc! I almost tossed that plant too. A freebie from the tude. Good thing I took a couple clones. That plants seems to really respond to the soil and sprays. I am going to see if I can better her next round. A little colder temps and I think she would really purple up. Thats the first real purple plant I have grown. It seems like she wants to turn purple.

Congratulations on an amazing harvest Steppen! The new grow is looking tip top as well. I really like how that LB is reaching straight up. +reps friend.

Scotts does not make OC+ anymore. I wanted to use it when I first started as well. After some research I found that Dynamite Red is a good alternative.

Thank Rain stacks. You are awesome. I am surprised about the OC+, I still have a couple big bottles of it.

Doc, do you have a point end up or point down preference?

Good to see you Hash! I hope all your growing adventures and succeeding. I am curious too about the pointy side up or down. It seems like i try to do pointy side down, but 25% of the time I screw up and the plant rights itself.

A few pics of the LB finishing up. The LB is an awesome strain. This round was even better than last time. Bigger buds and frostier.




The LB is yellowing pretty hard like last time. It seems like she wants to finish about 9 weeks.

The Tikals look awesome but have the dreaded PM. These may be the most massive plants I have grown. A truly impressive strain. I am going to experiment on these to see what I can do about the PM. These are the last 2 plants that will flower in this room. Everything will get swapped to the new room to hopefully end the infamous PM battle. I hit them hard with the PM/Insect spray from Doc's kit last night. That did wonders today.





New flower tent. I have a 600 HPS in here with a cheap sideways open reflector. Ventilation is handled by a 4" inline in and a 4" inline out. Temps are handled by a Mercury 4 controller. This little thing is bad ass. It has day and night settings and a constant on setting, so it controls temps fine during lights on and idles during lights off (unless it drops 15 degrees below set point). Keeps humidity in check at 60% to 70%. I flipped the switch a day ago so the fun will begin soon.



Well bear with me guys. My computer gave up on me and I won't be able to upload pics until I gets new one.

I cut down the laughing Buddha a few days ago. She looks good. I ended up with 3.24 ounces on the Great white Shark. I was really surprised about that. My personal best for most weight. The GWS smells amazing And I am really liking it.

The Tikals are very impressive. Buds are the biggest I have grown yet. The flowering tent is moving right along. I am looking forward to the Thai columbian gold and afghani kush. All show female pre hairs and just got transplanted into 5 gal smart pots. I should be flowering those landrace strains In a couple weeks. Stay tuned.
Apparently very wrong. Almost all seeds germed but died in the soil , using aged water no chlorine, talk to them nice , what else can I do.

What soil are you using? My only guess would be the soil is too hot. I'd pick up a decent soil from a hydro shop I you haven't already. Root organics, fox farms ocean forest, pro mix. Something along those lines. Make sure the soil stays moist for a few days until they germinate.

Hope this helps
What soil are you using? My only guess would be the soil is too hot. I'd pick up a decent soil from a hydro shop I you haven't already. Root organics, fox farms ocean forest, pro mix. Something along those lines. Make sure the soil stays moist for a few days until they germinate.

Hope this helps

Yea it was over fertile soil. Tomatoes aren't doing much since sprouting either. Iam using the good stuff now. If it were not for all the damn laws I'd be fine as wine.
Ok guys thanks for bearing with me. I bought a new computer, but I still have to get my shit together lol. I have been busy as hell here. I cut down the Tikal, they turned out pretty amazing. The smoke is ridiculous. I experimented a little bit with them, I gave them 3 back to back feedings of 10ml per gal cat drench at week 7ish. They got one final watering then chopped down. Super smooth smoke and pretty crazy effects. My new favorite stuff.

I am flowering at about week 4 in my 4' by 4' tent. Man I like that tent. Humidity is higher than I normally run, between 50% and 65%, but everything is way more frosty and healthier. A little higher humidity is all the plants needed.

I ordered a 4' by 8' tent that should be here in a week or so. I will flower in that as well.

Now for the big news. NO MORE PM. At least for now, lol. No PM in the flower tent or veg tent, since switching rooms completely. This was all it took. Start with a fresh sterile space and clean everything completely, and I was good to go. To put that in perspective, I usually always showed some signs of PM after going into flower a few weeks. I am beyond happy to be rid of this.

I am tearing down the old room now and patching holes and putting in new flooring. Pretty cool. Ill get some pics up soon.
OK I am getting back into the swing of things.

First a few pics of the Laughing buddah from last round. This plant came out completely different from the first round, and it was cut from the same plant. The difference was increased feedings and the cat drench. Pretty awesome.




Now for the tent pics. I am flowering these in a 4' by 4' tent. 2 Great White Shark clones from the same plant as last round and 2 laughing buddahs. (1 clone same as last round and 1 from seed).

Laughing buddah



These pics came out pretty good. Better lighting and no flash.







The new tent should be here in a few days and I am excited to get it up. I have a Columbian gold, Wild Thai, Afghani Kush, and Tikal ready to flower. All those plants look awesome and I cant wait to see what they do.

I have been spraying less stress on these plants, as in only a couple times total. They have gotten brix once a week and fed every other watering at 10ml of feed per gallon. I also switched sprayers and use an old SNS bottle. It puts out a super fine mist with tiny droplets on the underside of the leaves. I don't know, you guys be the judge, these plants are way better than last time. And no PM!
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