PakaloloHawaii's LED High Brix Perpetual!

Tavosvo's LED High Brix Perpetual!

Hey everyone this will be my first journal on 420mag and I'm psyching! I'll be using Doc Bud's high brix (HB) soil kit. The results speak for themselves, please see Curso's or Steppenwolf's journals - they are simply astounding! I've used HB soil once now for a small outdoor one plant run, with awesome results considering inadequate pot size. This time I intend on doing everything just right. This will be my first indoor soil grow, my last was a RDWC that I love but well, look at docs plants, Fuck! I can smell them through the screen! I hope to squeeze my bucket into the 4x4 and run them side to side but I have reservations on a lower brix hydro plant amongst a bunch of HBs in soil!

The room is a second bedroom that I've installed a window A/C in and am about to seal. Minor augmentation of co2 is next, probably around 600-800ppm, as it's also my office!

I'll be vegging in a dr80 with a 300w 11-spectrum. Got it on craigslist LOL no name brand but I've seen a few with similar design. It works pretty good, I did a seed to harvest run with it earlier this year with no complaints. Figured I could see how it does as a veg only light.

Ill mostly veg in square, one gallon pots, but I also have some 1gal airpots I can use as well. Going to use them to keep bonsai moms so they won't be in use too long.

Temps in veg tent have been a steady 81f in the day and 75f at night and RH varies from 40-60%. I won't be doing anything about RH unless I see a problem, seems like we are in a healthy range. Co2 might change that but only time will tell.

For flowering, I found a pretty nice 4x4 tent on Amazon for $115; couldn't resist the deal. It's not perfect and some parts are downright cheap, but nothing a bit of metal tape and ingenuity can't fix. I'll be flowering in 7gal airpots, and if I get too many girls will use a 7gal fabric pot as well.

I hope to harvest monthly after this first harvest where I staggered the plants about 2-3 weeks apart. 6 plants, two or three strains, depending on # of females in each pack.

I went for the cheaper tent because I am now a proud owner of a TopLed Mars II 240x5w!! It's supposed to be delivered this afternoon so I'll be waiting eagerly to open and fire up! Maybe ill do an unpacking photo series and post those along with my setup.

I really have high hopes for this light in my flowering tent!

And now for the best part - strains!

I went a bit beyond my budget to get some of these seeds but oh well they sound like winners to me.

Rare Dankness
Cougar Piss (SoCal catpiss x afghan #1 IBL)
PMP Haze (SoCal catpiss x Nevil's wreck)
DayDream Haze (Blue dream x Nevil's wreck)
Moonshine Haze (Amnesia Haze x Nevil's wreck)

Gage Green
Blue Flame (Super Blue Dream x Inferno Haze)

Blue Hammer (Blueberry x jack hammer)
Huckleberry Kush (Oregon Afghani x Huckleberry 2012)
Extrema fem (ChemD x Herijuana)
Sour diesel x Lady cane (freebie)

And a whole bunch of other freebie singles and I'm probably forgetting a pack LOL!

I also have a "syntax" mom I was gifted and have a couple clones of that running; one in flower for almost two weeks now and one in veg. The older one looks only 'ok', but the veg one looks great!

I also have two extrema fems vegging now, 6 nodes each, and just started half a pack (5) of the blue hammer 2 nights ago. Things are getting exciting!

So.....I will be following the directions on some girls and breaking rules on others...we'll see how everything goes, I think the experimental feeding schedule might be great but like I said, we'll see!

I will be a good boy and adhere to docs instructions in veg for all plants.

Bloom feed possibility w/ doc new theory - 1/4 strength transplant at every watering, and late flower cat drench:

Transplant 1g-7g veg for one more week, then flip.
Let dry real good for root production
1/4 transplant (soak)
Dry out good
Full strength transplant/energy based on size/stretch/strain (soak)
**Now keeping medium moist**
1/4transplant (light water 1 gallon)
Cat drench (medium water)
Cat drench (light water)
1/4transplant (soak)
Plain Water (light)
Energy (soak)
1/4transplant (light)*
Cat drench** (soak)
Plain water (light)*
Finish on Energy

* double watering- depending on strain

**Cat drench at week 8 on 10 week strain, maybe week 6-7 on an 8 weeker

So that's my planned (crackpot) feeding schedule.

Thanks for stopping by, let me know if I forgot anything. Criticism, comments, and marijuana banter welcome!

Can't wait till things really get rolling!

Pics to follow!!!!!
Hey tavosvo, it's great to see a journal!

It sure looks like you have your ducks all in a row. I hope you'll post lots of pictures! :cheesygrinsmiley:

+welcome reps
How much you pay for the TopLed Mars II 240x5w, I have an Advanced Led ds-xml 150 it works great I am impressed, from start to finish.
Sounds like a lot going on with the one 4x4 tent.
Looking forward to watching grow.
Glad to have you all here! Had to go to a meeting tonight but will snap a bunch of pics right now and post them tomorrow.

Got the light. It's absolutely BLINDING. Can't even describe how bright. Nuclear sun?!

Really stoked to share this with all you pakalolo loving braddahs and sistahs out there CHEEEEHUUUU!

I've been negative towards LED after seeing them in action about 3 years ago. However, seeing what Curso and a couple others are doing with them now has definitely gotten my attention!

I'm subbed. I have a batch of Doc brix kit cooking right now,:surf:
also running LED's.

Looking forward to watching it bro! These new LED's seem to rock it!
Hi Tavosvo.

I'd like to follow along as well. Interesting strain choices and always interested in anything high brix related!
Ok my photo skills with the iPhone are shotty, but ill work on it. Hard to do mobile pic loading as well.. More to come.

Blooming plant is syntax about 2 weeks in. The other syntax just got transplanted to a 7g pot this morning and will veg for one more week. The two indicas are extrema, and white pots have Blue Hammer. I got 1 real fast kid, 3 comin up tonight and one late riser...we'll see who's who!

Wow, very nice setup and the plants already look like there enjoying DocBud's Magic! Hope you don't mind if I tag along and watch this grow!! I picked up a MarII and have high hopes for it, can't wait to see yours perform!!
subscribed. how did you select the strains of seeds you picked out?

I remember this half oz of weed I got this one time, almost 10 years ago, called Cat Piss. It was the most tasty weed I ever had. Pretty skunky pine out of the bag, train wreck is the only thing I've seen like it. But it wasn't the smell, it was the taste! So pungent yum yum just absolutely lovely temple hash skunky lemon amazingness. Haven't seen it since.

When I saw rare dankness cougar piss i knew it was for me. Then I started looking at their catalog and found PMP (piss my pants) haze. I knew that was likey my best shot at finding my holy grail of ganja.

Since then the best thing I've smoked is blue dream. Love the high, love the smells and tastes. Tried some super blue dream and that was even better. Funny, i was browsing around and saw there was a rare dankness promo on the tude. 12 moonshine haze with any pack. So I figured grab another pack of piss, but alas, they were sold out. That led me to explore their other selections as the cup winning moonshine sounds great! Saw the daydream haze (blue dream cross) and figured I'd give it a go. Love me some berry sativa.

I hate only buying one pack of beans and like to compare different breeders versions of similar strains so I went with gage green's blue flame. Super blue dream x inferno haze sounds like a winner.

I like sannies gear seems like he is into active soil biology and organics so I figure most of his shit is good in soil. I love kush and huckleberry with the Oregon afghani seemed like a no brainer.

I heard great things about the blue hammer that was a swing in the dark. Jack hammer sounds potent.

Also love chemdawg, extrema seemed to fit the bill. Chem x herijuana. Now THAT sounds potent. Haha.

Sannies has some other great strains id like to scoop. Some of the other breeders in the shop have some great looking landraces. Might have to make one "final" addition to my catalog. Oaxaca highland chocolope cross?!?MMMMmmmmmMMMM Santa Maria x c-99 holy fucking princess!!

I better get on that order before everyone gets my beans!!!
. Oaxaca highland chocolope cross?!?MMMMmmmmmMMMM Santa Maria x c-99 holy fucking princess!!

I like your taste in cannabis!


I gotta check out Santa Maria sometime ...

A berry sativa? Oh yeah ...

Doc's C99s make me want to try one ...

Uh huh, uh huh ...
I like your taste in cannabis!


I gotta check out Santa Maria sometime ...

A berry sativa? Oh yeah ...

Doc's C99s make me want to try one ...

Uh huh, uh huh ...

I've always wanted to try Santa Maria but the seeds I got of it wouldn't germinate.

The folks who grow produce in market gardens and/or muy expensivo restaurant gardens all go for heirloom vegetables. They just seem to grow better in organic/high brix soil. The hybrids are designed for other purposes, IE fast growing, tough skin that ships easier, high water weight, color, and other traits not necessarily related to nutrition and flavor.

While weed isn't nearly as adulterated and frankenized as our "food" supply, I think you'll find that the more pure your genetics are, the better the results in high brix soil.
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