Curso's True High Brix!

Well ladies and gentlemen...
Alright kids.. here we go!

Today we received Curso's old TopLED Mars II 1200w light with 22 days of run time on it for PAR testing.

I put it in the same tent, same exact conditions as our tests. I also spent time with each reading and recorded the highest possible reading that I found while moving the sensor around directly under the light. Here are the results:

TopLED Mars II 1200w Led Grow light - 240 x 5w
520~600w average draw as per the manufacturer website

12" - 2010 umol
18" - 1280 umol
24" - 745 umol

To compare, here is our info:

Our avg draws per unit are as follows:

P150 - 100w - 50x3w
P300 - 185w - 100x3w
P450 - 274w - 150x3w
P600 - 368w - 200x3w
P900 - 557w - 300x3w
P1200 - 750w - 400x3w

Our PAR table is as follows:

Man I made some Jolly rancher green apple gummy's with the tincture I made with the MB2 the other day. It's really simple. Make the tincture, add 1/2c of water to 4 envelopes of plain gelatin to 1 box of Jello add your tinc and mix until incorporated. Put it on low/medium heat until everything dissolves. Pour into molds (use silicone) and throw them in the freezer for 10-20 minutes depending on the size to set. Pop them out and enjoy. I didn't measure the tinc. It kinda dumped in, so the ones I made last night are just crazy. But I got like 17 really big gummys out of that.

Make sure you have the molds ready, you don't want that gelatin setting up on you while you look for shit.
Yeah, ditto ... I'm in awe, man ... ! :bravo:

You set some new standards, bro. F'n amazing run! :cheer::circle-of-love::yahoo::theband:
Great harvest, Curso! Congrats!:goodjob:

Thanks man!!! I am pretty blown away with it too honestly...

Yeah, ditto ... I'm in awe, man ... ! :bravo:

You set some new standards, bro. F'n amazing run! :cheer::circle-of-love::yahoo::theband:

Thanks Gray!! Bro I have a feeling that was just a warm up for this next plant. I really didn't have a fantastic plan on how to deal with such a massive plant. I have a better idea now that I ran one. This next one should be pretty HUGE!!! So should the next 2 opp to follow.

I am setting up a new area here in the very near future and I'm going to ditch the big tent. I'm stoked to get it going...It'll hold 2 maybe 3 20gl pots. :high-five: I can breed in one of the smaller tents and have my bedroom back :D
One plant=28 oz......or 10 plants that yield 2.8 oz each.

I'm gonna guess it was easier to deal with one plant rather than 10?

I can't tell you how much new ground you broke on this grow, Curso!

container size

It's a landmark grow and your next one will only be better! :adore:

Thanks Doc!!! It's all inspired by you so...take some credit too bro. Without your guidance through the years this would never have been possible.

The next plant is already better shape and pruned a little bit better. It's funny to me when I go back through this thread and see my own progression as a DocBud High Brix Blend user. That plant was still 1-2 weeks early. The new space should negate that issue that has plagued me for a long while.
Here are some day one of 11/13 for the LCHP...She got some energy/tea this morning and her photo period changed. She seem's to really be enjoying the P450 :: Platinum Grow Lights. As am I....


The Cookies also got made I'll take some pics of them and the gummy's in a few. I just made the "cookie" of that recipe. I thought some good quality caramel and toffee would make them better than frosting. Pics of them in a few....
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