Curso's True High Brix!

Miss hanging out on here.

Amazing haul like evEryone has already stated.

Thanks bro!! We all miss you too bro. We'll be here for ya when you are able to chill again bro :high-five:

I soaked some TGA~Jack Skellington and TH Seeds~ MK Ultra this morning and took a couple cuts of OPP and Lost Coast Hashplant.


And the Lost Coast Hashplant under 11/13 for her bloom cycle...I adjusted the footprint today too and actually took measurements...

Curso, OT: trying to send you pm.. Message says you dont get them..

Yeah bro I have them turned off for a little while man, nothing against anyone. It just lessens my stress level. ;)

Guys I am going to close this thread. Please join me in my other thread for all the fun and new goings on and all that jazz. This HSO Lost Coast Hashplant is going to dwarf that OPP. I wanted to end this when the soil was no longer usable however. No sense in updating mostly the same shit in 2 threads, it may confuse some people.

So please...Pretty please with some OPP keif on top join me here....HSO Lost Coast Hashplant - One Plant 2 Lights One Love

With that, I want to take a minute and thank Docbud for all his guidance and advice that is found here-in. If it weren't for him, and Docbud's High Brix Blend, I wouldn't be the grower I am today. So, thanks bro!!! Nature...go figure.

:peace: thanks everyone for following along. This was one long ass thread....:peacetwo::bigtoke::peacetwo:

Ps let it be known....Those platinumled lights are the shit!!!!!
Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

I’m moving this to Completed Journals now and closing, as per your request.

Hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.

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