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    Sunset sherbert 3 weeks budding
  3. Mr. Krip

    Completed Sponsored Grow: Krip Keepers Frost Fest Featuring Mars SP-250 In Mars 4' x 4' Tent

    WELCOME TO THE KRIP KEEPERS FROST FEST SPONSORED BY MARS HYDRO! Welcome everyone to what should be a pretty exciting journal! :welcome: Of the plants I've been able to flower since getting my grow back up a little over a year ago, I've kept the four best strains (the "Krip Keepers" ;) ), three...
  4. Neiko

    Completed Neiko's High Brix Garden Powered By NextLight

    Welcome to my 4th journal. I'm honored and excited to be able to showcase these powerful lights from Nextlight. I am currently flowering in 2, 4x4 tents with each tent containing a Nextlight Mega. For environmental control I run a mini split, stand alone dehumidifier and humidifier. My temps...
  5. limpfingerz207

    Limpfingerz First Journal: Dynasty Seeds & High Brix

    Sup everyone, welcome to my first journal. First off, thank you to everyone here on the forum for what you do and still doing. There’s so much information readily available and I really like how helpful of each other people are. All the collaboration is what makes this place great. I’m excited...
  6. Highbrixbotany2018

    High Brix Kit 4 Strains QB 288 & 132s With EOD & Emerson Lights In A 6x4 Sealed Room

    I bought “the kit” seedlings are bigger than previous grows already!!! The title says it all. I’m in a 6x4 sealed room. A/C, heat, humidity/dehumidifier, CO2 tank all controlled. I’ll be doing 4 plants in 10gal cloth pots. Superskunk, MZT ultra, Blue dream, and gorilla glue. I’m building a...
  7. Mr. Krip

    Completed Sponsored Grow: KIND LED K5 XL1000 With Ace Seeds In High Brix Soil

    Welcome, everyone, to my new journal, and apologies for the slight delay in getting this started as we were finalizing all the details. As the title says, this is a sponsored grow featuring the Kind K5 XL1000 LED grow light, and growing Bubba Hash and Orient Express by Ace Seeds in Doc Bud's...
  8. P

    Pookss's 2x4x6 High Brix Garden FT, Smurfzilla, Dark Plasma #9 & Cereal Milk

    SET-UP Light - 240w Quantum Board from Kingbrite on alibaba Medium - Doc Bud's High Brix Kit (1g Plastic pots to start -> 10g Fabric to finish) This is my first time doing a High Brix grow, not my first grow. But treating it as such and following directions! This is about 8 days from seed so...
  9. DopyLemontree

    Completed Dopy’s High Brix Cannabis Adventures 2018

    Welcome to my garden, where it is always an adventure in making discoveries and learning from mishaps, growing the best cannabis flower I have come across, using Doc Bud’s High Brix System, thanks @docbud for your efforts, and continued support. Us brix’ers owe a lot to you! This journal will...
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  11. medmanmike

    Completed MedmanMike Celebrating 10th High-Brix Grow With Major Room & Equipment Upgrades

    Welcome to my grow journal! This is my first journal and though I've been growing (the second time around) for the past five years, I've never posted a journal, so we'll see how this goes. LOL! For some background, I'm a medical patient in a midwest state and currently have four patients I...
  12. Morglie

    Morglie's Perpetual: New Space & New Strains

    I'll be updating this shortly with pictures and descriptions of my new space. I wanted to get this set up this morning. I'm still working out the kinks in the new grow area, and waiting on some boards to arrive so that I can build my flower lights. I'm popping one set at a time so that I don't...
  13. ShiggityFlip

    Abandoned Shiggity Goes Mad Scientist: Paving The Yellowbrix Road With DIY Adventures!

    Hey all its that time again! A new journal for Shiggity. Lots of crazy ideas in my head and I need a spot dedicated to exploring them. Still loving Docbud's living soil excellence but my new goal is to see just how far I can push my Brix girls to produce quantity while maintaining QUALITY...
  14. photos

    Abandoned Photo's Aussie Organic High Brix Grow - 300 Plants & New Strains Never Seen Before

    hi im growing out 5 of my own bred strains plus a few others . my strains are the result of 20 + years breeding ive kept and crossed only the best to produce these furious five .. ill go into more detail on each of them as this journal progresses. the strains are time...
  15. MysterySeeds

    Abandoned Growing With MysterySeeds - To Infinity & Beyond!

    This journal is perpetual... ...meaning that this journal may include all of my genetics in the clone, veg, and flower stages. It will also continue on through more than one flower cycle. If you have a problem with any of those parameters, go take a hike! Anyway, down to the nitty gritty...
  16. ShiggityFlip

    Completed Shiggityflip Hits The Brix - Growing Using High Brix Soil

    My pheno hunt is still going on but it seemed wise that I do a run of the different clones in Doc's High Brix soil, as what may be one case with chem nutes may not be the same in Doc's High Brix soil. Different phenos may emerge in the different environment. So I decided to start this second...
  17. budnoob3

    Completed Blue Dream High Brix - Stripped Down Version

    The goods: Humboldt Seed Organisation - Blue Dream This cross of Blueberry and Haze is known for its very pleasant fruity- tangy- earthy taste, blue color, and strong and lasting, mixed mind and body high. The high starts with a sativa high and finishes around 3 hours later with a relaxing...
  18. W

    Drenches, Foliar Sprays, Soil Amendments Help

    I intend to begin my first grow in the near future and I would love to take advantage of Doc Bud's years of experience by implementing his grow strategies. However, search as I might, I can't find any details on the product portion of the high brix kit. I would very much appreciate it if anyone...
  19. W

    Doc Bud's Drenches - Foliar Sprays - Soil Amendments Help

    I intend to begin my first grow in the near future and I would love to take advantage of Doc Bud's years of experience by implementing his grow strategies. However, search as I might, I can't find any details on the product portion of the high brix kit. I would very much appreciate it if anyone...
  20. flowerfarmer

    Completed FF's - 4×4 Tent - Doc's High Brix - GTH #1 - Starbud - Strawberry Banana

    Hello 420 mag, First id like to thank Doc Bud for opening my eyes to the truth in cannabis cutivation, High Brix. Ive been growing for 20 years but just got serious and went indoors a few years ago. Strains: Strawberry Banana fem, Starbud fem, El Fuego fem, Leeroy reg, Ghost Train...
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