1. T


    I'm working on a large collection of cannabis inspired art, I hope you enjoy! Cheers :yahoo:
  2. supermike

    Hey All

    Hey, I'm Mike. I grew up in the US but now travel around the globe. I'm trying to fight cannabis stigma with information and knowledge. It's awesome to meet like-minded people and watch policies changing. Thanks for having me! Best, Mike
  3. B

    Molasses green pond strain

    Using molasses during flowering awesome results!
  4. Hyena Merica

    Hyena's Never-Ending Adventures In Growing

    PROJECT 23: HYDROPONIC HOMEMADE HYBRIDS - AMNESIA HAZE X BLUE DREAM Plus WIDOW X BLUE DREAM By Hyena Merica CHAPTER 1 WELCOME TO MY WORLD Hello everybody, my name is Hyena Merica and yes, I am. Let's have some fun together and grow some great cannabis! If you have read my first...
  5. Hashassinz

    What's the best deal you got on grow equipment?

    Today was an awesome day. Went to a local agway as they were restocking shelves and got 60 rockwool cubes size 6x6 ones for freaking 35$. If i were to buy online would of cost me like 190$. Was just looking to buy like 4 but they were miss priced at the register so I went back to the shelf and...
  6. K

    Hello All

    New grower! Awesome site!
  7. CannaMiss44

    Noobie from the East Coast

    Hey all! Looking forward to learning and growing. Awesome site and awesome info!
  8. L

    The Ironman of Pipes

    I got a Pyptek Pocket last year, and I was kinda apprehensive at first cause I usually don't like metal pipes. And cause they looked a little pricey at first. This pipe is so cool I ended up getting 2 of them! A little one for adventures, and a big one (that I got custom engraved) for smoking at...
  9. B

    Siamese conjoined twins?

    Hello 420 community. New to the online growing gangs. Am a trained agronomist and Bioengineer so now appreciate the science behind plants. Also been a life-long MJ disciple :-) Anyway I started my 1st indoor grow tent set up and the BlueDream Auto from THSeeds is 3-4 weeks old and baffling...
  10. Steppenwolf

    Steppenwolf's High Brix Grow

    What strain is it? Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Is it in Veg or Flower stage? in veg for a few weeks already If in Veg... For how long? If in Flower stage... For how long? Not yet Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Pro Mix HP according to Doc's instructions If...
  11. O

    How come my plant are more advanced than most?

    This is my first grow and I'm beginning week 4 (since i changed to 12/12, week 3 since they began to bud, go by either or) of flowering today. (hindu kush) I've just been learning as I go but I have one plant that has so many trichome things on them it looks like someone spilled sugar all over...
  12. K

    Kingy's SourDiesel =)

    hey guys wuts up, i just registered on these forums and im posting my first post on this topic.. check out my budd ;P feed me back, as i go bun me a ting ;D
  13. E

    Hello fellow enthusiast!

    Brand new to the site and just wanted to throw my name out there! I am beyond stoked that i found this site i have not stopped reading and learning many things i really had no clue about! Thanks for the awesome posts and cant wait for some future ones! -emmgee,:grinjoint: FL
  14. H

    Kind of late but here it goes...

    Hey there! My alias is Quicky, for certain reasons... but anyway, I'm an aspiring computer scientist and chemist. I'm going to college for that as my major. I'm attending University of Maryland in spring 2010 and I want to be a Bioinformatic as a profession. Basically, I smoke lots of...
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