MassMedMan's Hi Brix Perpetual Featuring 600W LEDs

Just a casual observation by a newbie.....but I do believe the combination of led lighting and HB kit is an absolute winner. My girls love straight Promix but after seeing a the results of Doc's HB kit.....Wow man, I am soooooo getting on the kit. I have been toying with the idea of creating my own soil mix, based roughly on Subcools recipe, honestly now I will try the kit first. Thanks Doc for tons of great info and guidance. I might even work up the nerve to start a journal myself.

Brownstone, pm Doc Bud for kit
Just so it's clear, I haven't harvested anything from doc's kit, or using it. The four remaining and the two I cut last night are in Coast of Maine Stonington blend. That's good soil. Doc's is too, I'll know first hand shortly, but, that COM soil is out of the bag,, water and tea only. I could not be more pleased with that soil.
Week nine feeding of house and garden in the bloom room. I hit 12z wet from a LOS THC Bomb that I chopped, trimmed and wet weighed prior to washing, and based on what I'm seeing today, week left,,,I'm thinking 20z wet from this one, never seen anything like this in person.




And this Sugar Black Rose, oh my,, see that deep cheese in background, that's a beast, TOO!!


The two new contestants, a Holy Grail Kush


And Afghani


Very excited about testing ALL plants I grow from here on out. Went back in forth with owner of lab last night and he's excited to test a bud washed plant. And,, from the same plant, a branch that will not be washed.

I'll be starting a strain test result thread soon ;)

Sent him the YouTube video I made doing the THC Bomb and he was impressed.

Have a great day everyone!
My kinda plants! Nice work MassMedMan! I know you gotta be feeling pretty good about things right now..:welldone:

Yes, sir, yes I am. Think, last year at this point I was growing bag seed. Now, I'm getting my Shit tested.

I can't wait for some test results. I was thinking,, about twenty harvests since I started here,,, wow. And, my best isn't even growing yet. :Namaste:

Never in my wildest dreams.

Thanks to everyone!!#:thanks:
Thank you,, I'm going to have fun with his kit!

I don't know if it was the cookies, but I'm just full o energy...

Some bubble hash balls I made, and a few balls I rolled from resin collected from my trim bin....


Proceed with caution here... This stuff is rocket fuel, the 25 micron bag is...whew

Good job massmedman your plants look great. Can't wait to see how you do in docs gear.:goodjob:
After 72 hours, and having never sampled, it was time to sample the Critical Sensi Star. I'm up to, I think, seven or eight different known strains I've harvested, and part of my summer journey was to expand my palette. So, I spotted a few lower buds, smallies four of them, while washing and trimming that I figured would be great samplers, and cut them off the bone. And tonight was the night,, they are fresh, but, easily smokeable with proper flame.

So, great stuff ;) first try of this strain and I'll tell you right away I was feeling warm all over. I hit three budets real quick and sat back. Eyes twingles a bit, mmm, I like,, last one will be savored.... But toasted

That's a nice strain, I just grew out a critical sensi star in the kit. fruity skunky with a nice calming effect. A great strain for DBHBB growing.

You are rocking!
That's a nice strain, I just grew out a critical sensi star in the kit. fruity skunky with a nice calming effect. A great strain for DBHBB growing.

You are rocking!

Interesting to know, I may get a cut off one and give it a run. Thanks for that info!
Long night. Moved up to half gallon mason jars. Always soak your gloves.... Treasure awaits ;)

One of the best investments I've made recently to improve my knowledge related to medical marijuana was purchasing Jorge Cervantes, Medical Growers Bible. A must have for anyone looking for tricks of the trade. I have much respect for Jorge, and what he knows. Most importantly I respect those who share what they know, even if for profit. But I've watched, maybe a hundred hours of his videos online for free, time to man up my wallet and buy the book I said. Even though I've done this a few days, I thought I could glean a few bits of information from his book. And for the cost of a bag of worm shit, I have.

So, as it relates to your question. In the Harvest section of that book, Jorge talks about soaking gloves,,,,


Buy the book, if you're serious. It is outstanding, worth every penny.

Thanks for coming by Juan, hope I helped ;)
This is what an awesome morning looks like. Go git em MMM!:cheer:
This is what an awesome morning looks like. Go git em MMM!:cheer:

You want awesome? How about a tour of my bloom room? Here's a few.... Day 127/66 -- think I'm going to harvest Friday. Maybe ;)






Looks like it will be a busy weekend. :bravo:
Soak them in what exactly? Before or after? Did a search and found nothing, so I am asking.

So, after I soak them I run them through a 25 micron screen I got with my bubble bags. I get resin balls which my plan is to save, as long as possible. I'm actually going put about ten I've made recently into a sealed canister and add to my SHTF kit.

Small, light, potent, very low chance of mold, and overall, they'd carry a huge value if, well,,, someday it might hit the fan and if my lights don't run, or I can't grow,, those little balls I make with finger/scissor/trim bin resin will get me through,,, a week!

Haha, I hope to have about fifty of those balls by the end...... Stored away :circle-of-love:

MMM, I actually have Ed Rosenthal's book on growing and I have Jorge's Cannabis Encyclopedia. I may have to check into the Grow Bible though. I have Jorge's how to grow video, so I figured I would get a book by another author. I read Ed's book in less than a week. If you ever want to borrow it just let me know.

Thanks for stopping by? This is where I come to enjoy the tasty Brix man. Love this place!
Can't go wrong with Ed, either. Thank you for the offer but his book was the first I bought. It wasn't until I needed more, with no disrespect to him, but his encyclopedia is a little outdated, relevant, but I wanted more. Came to the internet and that's when I found Jorge. I've been watching his videos for maybe five years. They never get old, I know he's in it for the money. But, who isn't? If you're growing you're own stuff, you're in it for the money. IMHO. Whether it's to save it, or whatever. Anyway, some people don't like it when people are making money helping others and doing what they love. Thanks for stopping by, Juan. I was married in San Juan ;)
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