MassMedMan's Monster SCROG - CBD OG in a Greenhouse

Little night video update of my Monster SCROG....

Moon's Out ;)

Thanks folks, apprEciate you stopping by. Busy like a one armed paper hanger. Here's the monster,, stretch is over, getting frosty and thick..


I have pics of the other coming later.
Nice looking girl MMM! Do you worry about mold? I'm in the NE and it gets me every year.

Thanks for stopping by, grim!

Yes, I do. I use a few sprays to keep it at bay, but it is what it is.
How's the big girl doing MMM?

Good, just a PIA moving her in and out.. She didn't stretch more than I,, thought,, but, what I planned for doesn't make it easy... And, the bud worms/tobacco ones, whatever.... love her. Might be my last run at SCROG grows... Nice seeing you, Amazin!!:thanks:

Request permission to come aboard!
Long time, Marine. Loox like things are going well on your end. I've been having some GanjaFarmer adventures and haven't been posting at all. The farm I've been working on (NorCal) is extremely remote. We'll be doing a light-dep crop starting in FEB16. Thinking of SCROGing to save on hassle. May even increase weight. Would be hard to improve on last crop; some of the Ladies yielded north of 3lb!
Ranger. :hug: Long time. Another. :hug: You sticking around?

Sorry MMM, forgive my manners. As always you're making it all look easy. Love the videos.
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