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Ok, welcome to my newest, and hopefully last journal here on 420. I say last because this one is a perpetual, and my only one I'll run. In the past, over the summer, I had way too much going on. Too many journals, too many projects and not enough time. The good thing is I harvested around five pounds, which was my goal. I say that in small font because numbers or weight isn't my goal, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy with those amounts, or the total amount I harvested,, give or take,, and made many people happy.

My main goal over the summer, other than doing it under the radar,, was to learn. And to put all I've learned from this great site to use. I'm a man of action. I like results. I got results and I got a lot of experience. It was like,, growing 101 boot camp. I can't thank people here for giving me the foundation to make that happen.

I was able to lab test seven different harvests of the nearly 75 plants I harvested. In most of the strains I tested I hit or beat breeder numbers for potency.

I ran my own soil mix, a coast of Maine mix, I used fox farms, and finished up with Doc Bud and his kit. For nutrient lines,, I used ffof, house and garden, sns, dynagrow, LOS, and finally fished using doc buds kit.

I spent hours brewing teas, mixed countless bags of soil, cooked gallons of soil and made gallons of RO water for my plants.

I'll be honest, at one point going from house and garden, to fox farms, to LOS, to Doc Buds kit made some crazy days. I was a mixing and adding fool. Surprised I didn't mix things up.

I started from seed, from clone, and in the end using colloidal silver made my own seeds.

Some of those seeds I made I'll grow in this journal.

I never expected to grow that much or many, I never realized how much work that would entail. I just didn't know. I got my ass kicked.:bravo:

But, now I have my breath back, my legs are ready for another run. And I'm ready to crank it up a notch.

In my 7x7 bloom room I have three 600W units cranking some autos as we speak.

I'm looking for new lights for my new space, I'll have a tent in the new space until I get the new lights. Or more lights. Maybe Mars or maybe a gavita room?

For now I'll flower four photos in a 4x4 tent with a 600hps. That tent is in a room, 12x20 and it'll take some time to fill it.

Anyone have lights they want to donate? :love:

I have a bunch of new photos I'm growing this round, I'll add pictures and strain info the next few days.

Glad to have a journal going again. One place to keep things organized.

I look forward to those who stop by to offer advice, knowledge, and support. I'm happy to still be here and hope I can inspire a few others to grow there own.

I love the community here and this is the only place I post. I lurk around, but 420mag is where I call home.

Feel free to post anything you'd like and I'll try to update as often as life allows.

Pics and strain info tomorrow!!

Couple of quick pics to get things going, I'll detail things later. Group shot of my photos in veg, have some new clones in solos, a Holy Grail Kush mother in the back in a 15g tan smartie,, the four I transferred yesterday into sevens:


Flower side, very crowded all autos:


Will be my first harvest of the new year, auto crystal storm:

I've done some videos, when you have a chance check out the link below to my YouTube channel!! Closing in on 25k views in less than a year.

[video]- YouTube
First harvest for this journal will come tomorrow morning. I have an auto supersonic crystal storm by samsara seeds on day 78. Free bean. I wasn't loving this plant in veg, she's in a seven gallon with Doc Buds kit. I LSTd her in early flower she was skinny and lanky.

I no tiled this bean from a harvest shortly before, from a harvest of a photo plant.

She plumped up nicely in flower and is very frosty :high-five:

She's been in my basement for 24 hours, no light, cold, dry,,,, tomorrow morning she'll be chopped, washed, and hung to dry... Last harvest of 2015.

What a year ;)


Hey There Buddy....
Taking a seat. I'm Brix curious.:popcorn:
Let me be the 1st to congratulate you on your year ending / beginning harvest bro!!:woohoo:
You may be the only person to ever start their journal with a harvest before your 10th post. ;)
So sneaky of you to start a fresh new journal during the holidays and think you could get by me.
It's only fitting I'm 1st subbed bro. :high-five:
So I am caught up fully on your plans this run. Ya going perpetual, of course I can dig it.
You got your herbalist card for the way you have voraciously attacked learning all types of things cannabis.
Your bloom room, over 1100 watts of led multi band goodness? Awesome.
I watch your vids on your channel and smoke one as if I'm standing to your left. :passitleft:
Ya man is strapped in for the ride. :surf:
How rude of me, Stage,,, yes, the story starts...

Once upon a time a man started some beans. This was in a galaxy far, far, away.

These ones will be on deck while I get the rest of the "story" on the road....

Two Lemon Kush
Two BC Big Bang
Two Atomic Bombs

I have others, but the room is cramped and they're waiting renovation to the new space.

I'm these new ones break ground on my birthday, the first day of the new nice to have you my man!!

Two of six have entered this world. A lemon kush and a atomic bomb....

This Holy Grail Kush received some training tonight. She's in a twenty gallon smartpot in docs kit. I have high hopes for her. I started the original bean back in may, been cloned and harvested many times and i have her going in solos. One of my favorite smokes,, heavy feeder, , great yield.

I think I'll veg her another month making it three + months.

Stay green friends

How does that HGK smoke? I enjoy a good kush. How you rate it?
How does that HGK smoke? I enjoy a good kush. How you rate it?

Id give her an eight, one of my favorites. Very flavorful, citrus is what i get. I'll always grow this strain. I stripped her pretty good tonight, plus bent her up, , couple days she'll be a bush again. She takes training. Bought a five pack, gave one away, have three beans left. Was thinking of dropping the others, so i can see what's best and not waste em..... but, she clones easy.

Hope that helps bro, I'd buy again...
Just chilling

Getting close on this auto candy kush,, the northern lights in front half pictures is close, too

Damn M3,
Those candy kushes look plump and sweet. Which bank are those from? How long you got before chop? A week maybe?
Damn M3,
Those candy kushes look plump and sweet. Which bank are those from? How long you got before chop? A week maybe?

I'm hoping to go another month, but if I get to month end and space or plant needs say otherwise, I'll deal. I got them from herbie, got a ten pack after an initial three pack that did great. This is the last bean,, she's been great to me and I see bursts of new pistols here and there.. I'll be patient, I have supply and that makes those chop decisions much easier.

Speaking of chop,, I finally trimmed out the auto crystal storm I grew,, very surprisingly she gave me just under 80 grams. Very nice smoke so far....

Have a great day bro
Gonna sit in here. Crops look beautiful. :passitleft:

Thank you very much, happy to have you here.... Enjoy, any advice or comments are always welcome!
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