1. magsteria

    Properly Germinating Seeds?

    Ok. I'm pretty sure I've tried and waited long enough for germinating my bag seeds. I only have a few left and am planning on putting them on a styro cup filled with coco + perlite and moisten them a bit. I'll be planting the seed a few cm deep and am planning on placing them under 2 CFL...
  2. TorturedSoul

    Forum Pages Too WIDE?

    I have only noticed this one since I returned after a recent short hiatus and discovered that the forum software had been upgraded. The forum appears to be wider than my display. Now, I'll admit that I have rather poor vision, so I routinely "zoom" the pages (by pressing CTRL + once or even...
  3. Ignotus

    Completed First Indoor 200-250W CFL With Auto Dark Devils

    Hi all! This is my first indoor grow and thought id document it, as Ive had so much fun reading through everyone else's grows. I'll be growing in a small 2 x 2 x 4 grow tent, with a 4 inch fan and 100mm cheapie carbon filter, extracting outside my garden shed. Lighting is a 200w CFL at...
  4. P

    Abandoned White Cookie & Sour Jack Under 315W CMH: First Real Grow

    Hello all - Getting back in the game after a half-assed attempt at growing 5 or 6 years ago. Tried DWC with two plants in a 4x4 tent and some DIY HPS street lights rigged up. This time around I'll be using some better supplies and really work at doing this the right way. My setup: 1 -...
  5. Blazinjones

    Abandoned Blaze's Sponsored Grow - Sensi Seeds - Strain Michka - 2017

    High guys blaze here im doing this journal for sensi seeds. I will be running there new strain Michka. Michka® was created by Sensi Seeds during the same breeding program responsible for finalizing the Eagle Bill® cannabis variety Its a sativa dominate strain that has citrus scent to it...
  6. B

    Hi everyone - I'm just about to start a grow & would love any help I could get

    Hi everyone, I'll try and keep this short, as I'm starting a new grow journal and will be saying the same thing in the start of that. I've been shall we say a big fan of this wonderful plant for over 25 years, so that should give you a rough idea of how old I am, I'll be totally honest, and...
  7. BluePhoric

    Completed Euphoria - RQS - CFL - Soil - Second Grow

    So, this will be my second grow. I'll grow one single plant, from seed. I plan to Veg longer and train more, to finish with a bigger plant / bigger yield. The details are about the same as my first grow (see the synopsis). The things I'll do different : - Veg for longer (1 to 2 months). "...
  8. A

    New to this forum and 1st time grower questions

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and I've already done a little research but since my situation may be different then others I thought I would come on and ask the questions rather then spend all the time searching for them. My plan is to grow in my garage over the winter time. My Garage is...
  9. C

    Another newbie

    Well, I used to partake a bit back in the day, then a growing family and career kinda got in the way. As the kids are now grown and I'm now approaching retirement, I'm thinking about all the things I'll be able to do again. ...and here I am! I'm set up and ready to start my first ever grow...
  10. flytier

    Goodbye Black Market - Ain't Gonna Miss Ya!

    Well, I'm finally set up with my MMJ. I received my prescription a few days ago and just placed my first order for CBD/THC oil. I've been a pothead for over thirty years, although over the past couple years my usage has been more for stress and pain control. All along my sources have been black...
  11. A

    It's great to be here!

    Hi everyone!! My name is Vaughn and I'm from the NYC area. It's great to be here with all of you!! I'm about three quarters of the way into gathering equipment and setting up my indoor grow room. This is my first grow in approx. 16 years. I'll be growing photo period AK -47 and 24k Gold for a...
  12. vyserage

    Help perfecting my grow plans - Almost ready to start!

    First off, thanks to anyone and everyone that helps! I'm about to start my first time grow and i have looked up a LOT of things and ordered some decent starting gear. The first thing im going to do when i get my tent/light is start my seeds. My plan: The seedlings: i'll use your basic red...
  13. Hootenanny

    Abandoned Cinderella99 - Soil - 600W HID - 4x4 tent

    Welcome to my Journal! I've been loitering around the forums for a little while now, I liked the vibe I was getting and thought it would be helpful for me to have a journal to look back on, and get advice from others along the way given this is my first grow! I am still waiting on seeds in...
  14. K

    Opioid Addiction, MedMar & Drug Tests

    Hi everyone, I was prescribed Fentanyl and Oxycodone for chronic pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, and arthritic joints. That was back in January 2001. Yeah, I've been on it a long time. But I've been able to stay at the same dose now for over 7 years, and that's a...
  15. Rattlehead

    First time grower

    Hi guys I'm new on here as I've only recently started growing my own. I'll throw some pics & details is things come along
  16. millertm

    Completed Millertm's Outdoor Grow

    Well, its nice to be back in the game. 5 Chocolate Chip strain clones, 1 Grape Stomper clone, 5 Gorilla Glue reg seeds, 1 Wi-fi reg seed. All up. I'll use everything Fox Farms for this grow with a few extras. 30 gal and 45 gal smart pots will be used. Now I'll upload a few pix. Cheers
  17. M

    Hi from the UK

    Hey, just checking in, great forum it's been loads of help to me. I'm a first time grower just about ready to harvest, I'll be sure to get some pics soon in the grow section. Laters..
  18. O

    My San Diego backyard is a laboratory

    I grow cannabis as much for learning as for product in San Diego's benign climate. It's a benefit of retirement. This year the variables are (1) planting from peat pots directly in the soil v transplanting to a bigger pot until the seedling is bigger; (2) strain - hk v ogk; (3) growing in the...
  19. B

    Hi from Oz,

    Hi, I'm new to this forum thing, but like what I see here so I'm giving it a go. I've been growing for a couple of years but outdoors only...until now. Sick of chasing and paying for weed I've invested in a tent and I'm currently about 3 to 5 weeks away from harvesting my first 2 ladies. Have...
  20. P

    Cali OG Kush/Haze

    Hi BOTL and SOTL, Has anyone have any experiences with this strain? Picked up a 5 pk and popped one bean. It's been solo cupped for a week with 13 other mixed strains in a closet and all are coming along fine. I'm in the east coast and with the limited grow season, and this being a sativa...
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