DP's - White Widow & Regular White Widow

I been watering with reverse osmosis water for all my plants including my blueberries. For my white widows ive been using Bloom nutrients. For the vegging part it is a two part nutrient system, A and B. I water them about every two to three days depending on the weight of the pot. But lately i found nats flying around my dirt bin which is stashed in my storage. Put crabshells as topsoil for my bin but somehow they manage to find themselves to my tent with the rest of my plants. So i now have a small nat problem. I heard hydrogen peroxide is a good solution to get rid of them?
Wilma Regular Widow



Lower leaves keep falling off; probably due to the nats...they like wilma...going to hold it down around the pot for the rest of its life.i went on and took those two yellow leaves off.

Whitney Feminized widow

I also recently sprayed my plants with my essential oil solution of rosemary, peppermint and lavender but i dont think whitney liked it. Her leaves turned brown and rusty with spots. Just watered it with ph water. I have pics before and after my defoliation/training.









what do the people think?
Both of my white widows are doing good.wilma is nice and green with her stems protruding outward. Topped them. It's going to get super bushy. Whitney is the one that has been giving me the most problems but it seems to just like ph water. So that's all I have been giving her lately. Going to buy 5 gal air-pots so I can transfer them. Veg them for a bit more and then flower time. They been vegging for a while..
My widows are doing real good.They have half my tent which is cool but it's shadowing my other plants in there. I additionally have two other plants in there which I'm not documenting at the moment which is an auto skunk and an auto fantasmo express. After this two autos are almost done I'm going to start to flowering my widows.

Both have been moved to 5 gal pots and they seem to like it a lot. Soil is good and rich. Recently went up North to Humboldt and decided to get some soil from the Redwood parks up there which was pretty cool. So I added that to my bin of soil. Aha hopefully it provides my compost with much health.I been adding things here and there; bat guano, seabird guano, rest of my BioBizz light-mix, Pro-mix BX and the rest of my Pro-mix HP, blueberry roots, critical roots, perlite, vermiculite, some Fox Farm Ocean Forest since it was only ten dollars for a big bag, humic acid, crabshells, Redwood soil; the ground soil is almost cement like but I mostly accumulated decompost which was on top of a dead fallen tree. That was some rich red decompost soil. Also took some bark for the hell of it. No more gnat problems.:thumb:

Wilma is bushier than ever. Stems are stretching which is cool for now. They are only under one 90w UFO light. But will get the wrath of my P450 soon enough.
Whitney has overcame! I have not seen her so green ever.

I'm feeding them my reverse osmosis water ph at 6-6.5 and my tap distilled water ph at 8. Tap water that you leave sitting for at least 3-4 days with no too on so most of the chlorine evaporates. I'm giving them nutes, light nutes about once every one and a half weeks but mostly r/o water with a little of my distilled water.
Boom veg part A and B.

Will flower soon and will post pics soon. I have not abandon you 420. :420:
My widows are in their transition phase from veg to flower. They are barely fitting in my small tent

So 48 hours of darkness then they go back into my tent with the rest of my autos. Going to do 12/12 with my autos too. My widows are going to be flowering under my ufo 's for now till my autos finish then they get the P450
I also have an auto skunk in there, to the left of Whitney. She has about a couple more weeks then I'm taking her out..really want to take her out though. The p450 is finally centered after being over the skunk and Whitney. Skunk now has a 90w UFO.
So far the white widows are looking pretty good for me. It's my first time dealing with a net and I like it. Recommend it to everyone. Spreads your plants so you can use all the space you have available. :thumb:
Feel like its just starting aha

Fantasmo Express from Memphisto Genetics some pretty good stuff not bad at all.

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