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Kpunx' - High Brix - Chocolope - Critical Kush - Indoor


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Welcome gardeners! This is my first journal and first real grow of the lovely medicine. I've been quietly lurking in the corner for a year or so, doing research and over analyzing everything as I tend to do. Finally took that all important first step about a month ago and decided to pull the trigger. Room construction is completed, seed procurement was successful, and gear collection is underway.

I'm starting this journal a bit early, as my Doc Bud's High Brix soil is still cooking. However, in the mean time I've got a few more decisions to make and gear to procure before I start geminating in about 2 weeks. I'm starting the journal with the hope that I might have a centralized location for some input from the many kind and seasoned gardeners I've started to interact with on the forum.

So, without further adieu, let's get journaling!

What strain is it?
-I'm debating between starting DNA Chocolope, Barney's Critical Kush, or both! (input encouraged!)
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
-Critical Kush 100% Indica / Chocolope 95% Sativa
Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
- Germination begins in about 2 weeks
Indoor or outdoor?
Soil or Hydro?
If soil... what is in your mix?
-Doc Bud's High Brix Blend (ProMix HP 3.8cf / Wiggle Worm Castings 30lbs. / Doc's Amendments)
If soil... What size pot?
-Starting in a germ tray, then 1 gallon Smart Pots, Then 7 gallon Smart Pots)
Size of light?
-Veg under Advanced LED DS200 EX-Veg / Flower under (2) Platinum LED P450's
Is it aircooled?
Temp of Room/cab?
-In Progress (ambient temp with no lights on sits around 61^ in the room right now. With lights on around 85^)
RH of Room/cab?
-Also in Progress (RH with no plants or equipment is a dry 31%)
PH of media or res?
-PH at the tap is 6.19 coming off my well
Type and strength of ferts used?
-Doc Bud's Kit in recommended dosages

Here's to a successul, informative first indoor garden!


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Hey if anyone would be so kind as to tell my why the URL in my signature won't just be hidden, I'd appreciate it!

I'd love to post my BB Code, but it won't display the code, just the results. I miss 1990's HTML, it's been about that long since I coded anything...


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Bumped up the temp in the room where my dirt is cooking to 78. Humidity around 45. It's been cooking for 9 days today. Haven't seen any of the white fuzz, which is why I bumped up the temp. Hopefully by Friday it will appear.
Have no fear, I didn't see any fuzz at all before I started my girls, and they are doing just fine. Only just saw the fuzz yesterday on one of my final bins of soil, and it was only a little.


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Hey if anyone would be so kind as to tell my why the URL in my signature won't just be hidden, I'd appreciate it!

I'd love to post my BB Code, but it won't display the code, just the results. I miss 1990's HTML, it's been about that long since I coded anything...
You are missing the [ before http:

Subbed, let me see some chronic hydroponic!


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Good choice of strains, same as me ;-)
Good luck!
If I remember correctly, you run hydro and have a journal on a different forum? Maybe it was this forum, but anywho, you we're the inspiration behind my strain choices! :thumb:


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I am also registered on that forum who's name can not be mentioned here that starts with an I.
I stopped going there since so many of them are closed minded to new techniques, and hostile jerks.
I like the people and atmosphere better here.
Both my journals are here, one of them started there but I lost interest in that site.


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best of luck with your garden :thumb:


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Mine are passed week three now in case you want to see what is in store from choco. Or look at my completed journal in sig. For the Critical kush I do not now how it is a friend of a friend gave me a clone. He was not sure which breeder this critical kush came from either. Could be Barney or some other.


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So, I just transplanted the 4 seedings that germinated into 1 gallon smart pots. 2 seeds each of Critical Kush and Chocolope. Unfortunately 2 of my seeds did not germ yet, so at this point, while I'm doubtful, they are still in the germination station and if they sprout, great.

Here's a Timeline (mostly for my own purposes)

4/5-4/6 seeds soaked
4/6 Put into germination station @ 77 degrees and about 80% RH
4/7 One CK seed popped (#4)
4/8 CH #1 popped and CK #2 popped..Turned veg light on 50%
4/11 CH #2 popped
4/17 Transplanted all four seedling to 1 gal smarties. Sprinkled with roots (1 T seemed like a bit much, so each plant got a bit less) Watered with 1/2 gallon of water mixed with 1/4 oz Transplant. Increased light to full power.

I was a little confused when I did all this, mostly because there seems to be numerous different instructions for use of Transplant water. The package of Roots says "Water Each Plant with 1 pint of DB's Transplant (1oz. transplant per gallon)". The bottle of Transplant says " Mix 1/4oz transplant per 5 gallons water and use with each watering OR 1oz transplant per 30 sq. feet garden for root drench". The "How to Use the Kit" Post says to "Water with 1 pint of water, or 1/4 strength Transplant drench." Finally, I recall reading a post where doc said the transplant is now part of the Roots! powder, and is no longer needed when transplanting.

I realize that I've taken in a lot of information during this learning process, and very well may have confused myself in all this. Maybe someone (Doc?) has some sage advice?!

I'm considering starting the rest of my CK and CH seeds today, so they have more time to veg before they get cycled into the perpetual. I think I'll get on that :)


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Hey Kpunx!

Sorry I'm late but im subbed up for the rest of the ride! Can't wait to see what you do with this HB Soil :3:

RE: Transplant

This next excerpt is copied directly from "In the Lab with DocBud" from his most recent instructions:

"Using a pencil, or chopstick or a non-functioning vape pen, make a divet in the soil about 1/4 inch deep. Add a small amount of ROOTS! in and around this hole, in which you deposit the seed and lightly cover with surrounding dirt. Gently water with 1/4 strength Transplant if needed to keep the soil moist, but not wet."

This is what I am going to follow. It does say that you can water with 1/4 strength transplant but I am pretty sure you haven't converted those measurements based on the amount of soil you are using.... I used EXACTLY the same amount of Pro-Mix and Wiggle Worm EWC in my mix and ended up with what seems to be just under 55 gallons. I would assume you got about the same, and split it evenly between your 7 gallon Smart Pots...

The drenches are meant to water the HB Soil, not the plant (well it does water the plant, indirectly of course). So essentially you want to use 1/4 str Transplant evenly between ALL of your soil. Luckily there is a lot of room for error in HB Soil so I'm sure you haven't hurt your seedlings.

Hopefully Doc or someone else more experienced stops by to offer their input :3: Good luck man


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Doc could definitely give some insight no one else can, but he is always swamped with questions and this particular question has to do with something that is continually argued over in HB.

The bottom line (kpunx) is that there is no set schedule for watering. Doc has laid out guidelines and there is lots of margin for errors, basically it's hard to mess up if you at least semi follow the guide provided. Many people tweak it on purpose just to see te results. If you want you can pop over to my High Brix Journal (link in my Sig) and check out my first post. I laid out a watering schedule that is easy to read. I am going to follow it exactly.

Hope all this helps my man :3: ;)


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Hey Max, Thanks for the tip on the watering schedule. It helped me to make my own, and things seem to be going well thus far.

Today my first four plants got transplanted into 7 gallon smarties, and moved from my veg room into my flower room. They are not under a flowering schedule yet, but I wanted to get them under my 400w Platinums in veg mode for awhile. Things were getting a bit crowded under my single 300w Advanced exVeg.

If one thing is for sure, I've been learning a lot. I've been slow on up potting, because I didn't want to do it too early, but both times I've up potted now, I've found a nice healthy root system in the pots. The root balls have been held together pretty nicely during transplant, so I think maybe I could have gone a little sooner and sped up the veg process.

Another thing I did wrong at first (I believe) was waiting3 weeks after going into 1 gallons to begin using nutes. I wasn't sure about shocking the plants, but apparently they dig those nutrients, even when they're pretty wee. My second batch of seeds got a dose of Growth Energy shortly after going into 1 gal smarties, and they seemed to enjoy it.

Google Calander is my friend. It's helping keep this slacker on schedule :)

One concern I'd like to share about is what I believe to be 'The Claw'. Random leaves on a couple plants have developed it. I'll get some pictures up shortly to see what you folks think.
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