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  1. G

    Is this good weed

    Hello I am a newb and was wondering if this is good weed
  2. Jorgie Nuggz

    Newb looking for knowledge

    Can someone tell me why some growers will cut the tip or half of single blade on a fan leaf? :thanks:
  3. K

    First Grow

    First grow, growing my own food this year so figured why not my medicine. Here are some pics from along the way. Started May 7th. Only have a few from maybe week 3 on, too lazy to add seedling pics cause who gives a crap, this thing is a beauty right NOW! Auto Flower, Polar express strain and...
  4. P

    New to growing - 420 - Everything - Hey

    Currently in my first grow. I've only smoked twice in my life but my wife LOVES MJ and I want to make sure she has quality bud for the sparse times she smokes now with little risk. I'm on Instagram, NKOTB420.
  5. Lazarus13

    Relative newb

    Hi all. I just completed my first soil/cfl budget grow a few months ago and had all of the newb problems. Nute mishaps, ph problems, fungus gnats spider mites and my girlfriend not watering my babies for 2 weeks while I was in hospital. I am in the midst of my 2nd soil grow and am gearing up for...
  6. O

    DWC aero cabinet newb

    Please help...
  7. L

    Newb to site semi newb to grow

    Maybe even a little advice on how to start a grow journal LOL
  8. 420Epicurean

    Kpunx' - High Brix - Chocolope - Critical Kush - Indoor

    Welcome gardeners! This is my first journal and first real grow of the lovely medicine. I've been quietly lurking in the corner for a year or so, doing research and over analyzing everything as I tend to do. Finally took that all important first step about a month ago and decided to pull the...
  9. C

    Bushy Plant Help

    Everything going great in my grow so far:allgood::allgood:http://www.420magazine.com/forums/images/smilies/allgood.gif I just have a quick question for you guys my plant is growing super bushy, How do train it so that the nodes receive the most light? I've looked at defoliation but I'm...
  10. M

    Is this enough light?

    I have three T5's - 2' 4 tube 96watt with 3 blue and 1 red (I heard that the red adds to stem strength and thickness) - Ill be moving them into my 96x48x78 grow tent here soon. Any idea if this is enough light for the room.
  11. B

    Deep Water Culture newb here

    High! I'm in Texas and I'm working on a brand new Deep Water Culture bucket.
  12. R

    Grow-Lab Construction - DESIGN

    Hello everyone! I'm about to set up my Prop 215 Grow-Lab/cab within a closet and I'm looking for as much feedback as possible on my new closet Grow-Lab design. For starters, I'm going to post a few images of the blueprints I have put together to see what kind of response I get. As I get more...
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