Brix Aware 2.0 - High Brix - AK47 - 1200 Watts - Indoor Sealed


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Brix Aware 2.0 Doc Bud's High Brix Kit AK47 1200watts Indoor Sealed

11-Serious Seeds AK47 Regular From Herbies Head Shop Seed Bank
! Buy Cannabis Seeds - Worldwide Delivery - Herbies Marijuana Seeds
F1-hybrid, mostly Sativa (effect is a combination of Sativa and Indica)
Recommended veg. time seedlings: 4 - 5 weeksIndoor
flowering time: 53 - 63 daysIndoor
yield: 350 - 500 gr/m2Outdoor/Greenhouse harvest time: mid/late October

We will be starting from Seed and then immediately to 11/13 Light/Dark Cycle
Soil is Doc Buds High Brix Kit.
In The Lab With Doc Bud - Page 103
Doc Bud - High Brix Q&A With Pictures
The Mix Per directions:
3.8 cu ft bale of ProMix HP myco
30 pounds (1-0-0) worm castings
I bag Doc Bud's "Amendment"
Mixed and split up into 4 20gal containers
5 gals of RO water added gently over the course of a few days
Its been "Cooking" Since Oct 15th so we are well over 60days cooking at around 75 degrees raised up off the cement basement floor

I have 11 beans So we will be starting in 11 1 gal nursery pots
I have 6 10gal nursery pots waiting for the up can of the females

2-600-watt Metal Halide until buds set then switch to HPS
I will not be using the air cooled hoods, because for me I get far better results with
the old school hoods. Heat is heat and it doesn't really matter how you get rid of excess
You can run an AC or you can run vented lights, in the end its all the same.
I have 2-5kBTU Window AC's for cooling. One is installed the second will go in only if I need it.
A small dehumidifier is in place to pick up what the AC cant handle
A small 1500watt space heater with a build in fan is in place for night time heating (it has also been keeping the soil warm for the past 60 days.)

Sealed Room 6'x8'x7' (336 cubic feet)
Basement Room Insulated walls and ceiling, concrete floor, This is a Room withing a room. Ambient temps outside the room are around 65-72 degrees
This room is very tight and well Insulated. At idle it will hold temp and RH within a few points for over 8 hours
CO2-Titan Ares 4 Burner CO2 Generator. 11 cubic feet per hour.
At 11 cubic feet per hour a 4 min burn should bring my area to 1800-2000 PPM
Titan Controls Ares Series 2 Burner CO2 Generators for use in greenhouse, indoor garden and hydroponic- Titan Controls | Environmental, Lighting, Timing, Power, Ventilation & CO2 Controllers for use in indoor garden, hydroponic and greenhouse
Environment Control- Titan Saturn 6
Saturn 6  Titan Controls | Environmental, Lighting, Timing, Power, Ventilation & CO2 Controllers for use in indoor garden, hydroponic and greenhouse
Target Day temp 80-85
Target Night temp 70-75
Target Day-Night RH 50%
Soil PH- Does NOT Apply
The only known pest is a shifty human But he for the most part likes to just stay out of the way
Water and Fert.Details can be found in Doc Buds "In The Lab Thread"
In The Lab With Doc Bud - Page 103
I will be using a hydro logic stealth 100 RO unit for all living creatures.

That about does it for the New Thread Template!
I am still waiting on some equipment, Namely the Titan Saturn 6, Should be in my hands early next week.
Once i confirm the brand new room is working as expected we will pop these seeds and get this show on the road.

I hope to get 6 girls out of the 11 beans and plan to do everything in my power to get the environment favorable to females.
I will be following Doc's recommendations below as closely as I can. I also have a few old school tricks up my sleeve that I will reveal when I pop them.

OK's the straight dope, no BS.

The seed needs to crack open in the dark, which means it needs to be under dirt, coco, vermiculite, in a rapid rooter plug....somewhere where it will not be exposed to light. Amongst botanists and professionals there is no debate....due to gravitropism and phototropism, not to mention the fact that roots aren't supposed to be above ground....seeds are supposed to be PLANTED when they sprout, if you want healthy plants.

There needs to be bright light to greet them the moment they break ground.....really bright light. I put a 40,000 Lumen 8 bulb T5 an inch over the emerging seedlings.

Then there is the issue of humidity:

Please don't trap humidity with your seedlings! Clones are what needs humidity, because they don't have roots. A seedling has plenty of roots by the time you see it. The humidity accomplishes nothing but stunting root growth, stressing the plant and very possibly starting a fungus problem, like damping off, or powdery mildew.

Stress on seedlings favors males! Here's a recipe for males:

1.)Any kind of stress. Sprout the seeds in a paper towel, then drop and injure them as you try to put the emerging radicle in dirt.
2.)High humidity...put a dome over your babies and they turn into big strong boys
3.)Low light. Let 'em stretch, that stresses 'em out and you'll most likely get boys

If you want females:

Minimize all aspects of stress during the first 3 days of the seedlings life

1.)Put the seed in some medium where it is dark, even with bright light shining on it. Dirt or rooter plugs work well, rockwool too. Make sure the medium is moist, not drenched. It needs to stay moist, so you might need to spray it or use a small dropper if the medium dries out. If using soil or a plug, one initial watering outa do the job.
2.)Keep the temp at a constant 72 once you see the seedling emerge. You will see faster sprouting if the temp is warmer, but lower temps favor females!
3.)Keep the humidity at around 60%.
4.)Make sure there is a source of nitrogen for the emerging seedling. Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, amended with perlite will have enough nitrogen. Higher nitrogen favors females.
5.)High light levels, especially in the blue spectrum favors females. Place your CFL's, or T5's an inch---no more than 3 inches----above the emerging seedling. They LOVE this.
HID's work well too, but you don't want to overheat (stress) the seedlings, so I prefer T5's or CFL's in the blue (veg) spectrum.

People will do what they want and I respect anyone who is germinating Cannabis seeds, regardless of the method they use. The above method is a no BS, reliable scientific way of germinating seeds. It works.



Welcome one and all!
Time to kick the tires and light the fires.
Looks like the Saturn 6 is on back order. However my garden shop gave me a older used controller to use until it gets here. Looks like it will do Temp And RH I really don't need CO2 at this point, but i can manually fire it or put it on a timer if i really need to.
Temp is set to 75 and RH is set to 50%. One of the bulbs is burning ready to greet our new friends.

I just now scuffed the seeds and dropped them in a glass of room temp RO. All are floating, witch tells me they could be kinda old. Fresh scuffed seeds normally sink right away for me.

Scuffing: I didn't invent this but have always done it be cause its easy and make senses.
Take a small piece of mild sandpaper 100-150 grit works well. Roll it up into a tube with the scratchy side on the inside. Use some tape to secure it so it holds it form. You can tape both ends shut after you drop the seeds in or just hold the ends with your fingers.

Drop those bad boys into your tube of sandpaper and shake for 60-120 seconds.


The debris you see is some of what was rubbed off the seeds.
What this does is put a lot of micro scratches into the seed shell. This will give something for the H2O to grab onto when you soak them and allow for a MUCH faster germination.
Be Warned I have had fresh seeds crack within 5 hours with this method, so don't soak them to long because we don't want them cracking before they go in the dirt.

Cya all soon!
I put 1/2 gal R.O. in the sprayer and added 1 teaspoon of transplant, then sprayed it all into the 11 starter pots.


I used a spoon to dig out about a golf ball sized hole in the center, and sprinkled in some "Roots"



I sifted some fresh soil to get a few cups of really fine soil and filled the holes with this, then gently watered it in.



Then I made my 1/4 divot that will receive a seed and sprinkled in a little more roots. Once the seed is in tonight they will get a mist of R.O. to settle everything and that will be it.


I have done all I can do.
Peeked in on them this morning.
Temp holding at 72 RH 59%
Gave the tops of the pots a very light misting of R.O. to get them thru the day, as I wont see them again till tonight.
Lowered the light down to about 3 foot above the top of the pots.
I think I will just leave the light on 24/7 till they have all broke ground.

Unless someone talks me out of it I think I will do 18/6 for the first 2 or 3 weeks then cut them back to 11/13
They should be showing sex by the end of the 4th week, I don't know if the roots will be ready to upcan at that time or not, what do you guys and gals think?
Not much to report, misting the tops of the pots as needed. The Temp and RH are swinging a little more than I would like, but not much I can do about it with this old ass controller (Sentinel EVC-1). The AC kicks on a little late and runs a little to long, which in turn makes it hard to keep the humidity up. It doesn't have any dead band setting so i guess we get what we get.
R2, Welcome to the HB Gang . I'm a little late but , i couldn't resist seeing how Serious's AK-47 would perform in our soil. Hope your carbon filter is up to the task R2, cuz that strain reeks, really reeks....smells rotten....nice! Looks like your very serious about a perfect enviro. Using the Kit and getting some working know how with it will be very enjoyable for you . I'm not sure of your history but i will assume you've got some growing knowledge and history. you did say, "old school" another reason i 'm here . Most of the Gang are experienced, shall we say :blunt:
With Gray and Ziggs in your corner you will succeed....just so ya know.:surf: Others will be along i'm sure. Enjoy , R2 , and welcome aboard!:circle-of-love:
R2, Welcome to the HB Gang ...

Duggan, thank you for the warm welcome. I have been following all you guys grows, looks like I am in good hands.
You could say I have been around the block a few times, however mostly in the backseat saying are we there yet?
I have been following Doc's way's since way back in to the Hempy OCplus days.
Did a few runs in 6-5-3. still grow my food with this method. Did a run in one of the first beta kits doc sent out, but I didn't get to journal it.
AK is pretty much all I run. I inbreed them as needed to f4 or so then freshen up the genetics when they start to swing.

Ohh And you are not late, in fact you are just in time for the birthday party!

Say hello to my little friend.

I feel like I went a little light with "Transplant" 1 tspn in 1/2 gal water spread out to all 11 starter pots.
Should I hit them again? Always easier to add then it is to take away....

On a side note if the stars aligned in my favor lastnight the Saturn 6 controller should be in my hands tonight.
Mornin R2, I usually don't give any of the Kit stuff till they have a few nodes....just don't need anything this early. If your pots were well watered with that weak Transplant solution that will be great. Let them build some roots now , so no more water for a while. Good to see you started off with Doc's 6/5/3...I did the same way back when before I started journaling my Kit grows. Over 25 yrs. experience growing in all sorts of mediums but this one ...Doc's gear is by far the most reliable and it out performs his 6/5/3 method, youl'e see bud.
Have an awesome day R2, cheers eh! :high-five:
Ha! It's great to hear about your background, R2MNot. :cheesygrinsmiley: Me three! I did an OC+ run as well as a 6-5-3, and watched him find T&J and then the Lab. :cheesygrinsmiley: I also have some experience from back in the 80s. :slide:

I did a little math ...

One tsp is about 5 ml. Those are 3/4 gal pots (one gallon nursery)? So that's about 8 gallons of soil. I drench at 3-5 ml per 6 gallon pot. That would be 4-7 ml per 8 gallons (Tea at 1/10th that dose = 0.4 - 0.7).

So, you were right on the money. :thumb:
If your pots were well watered with that weak Transplant solution that will be great.
They are far from saturated but each pot got 5.81 oz of the weak transplant water. The plan was to stop misting when they break ground and let them get good and dry after that. So guess I will just stick to that plan.
7 days after hydration 5 broke ground one is a mutant. Not a very good showing, piss poor in fact.

Adding some free seeds today to try and fill up the empty spots.
1-Humbolt Seeds: Bubbas Gift (fem)
2-Humbolt Seeds: 707 TruthBand (Fem)

Funny how no matter how much you plan ahead mother nature always seems to have a curve ball for you. :smokin:
So I guess the new plan is Veg awhile and maybe do a little SOG LST to fill up the foot print. The only real goal of this grow was to get some seed stock for the next round. Odds are pretty good one of the 4 that are up will be a boy, so lets see what happens.
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