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  1. S

    Slammy Pajammy's Indoor Organic Supersoil Ladies, 2019! 2nd Ever!

    Hey everybody! Long-time lurker, first-time journaler! I'm looking to try and give back to the community that I have intermittently participated in for the duration of my first grow! I'm not a hugely organised guy, so I wasn't keeping a very consistent (physical) grow journal for my first grow...
  2. End of week 4 veg

    End of week 4 veg

    Various different strains vegging in 39×39 mars hydro tent and 2 Meizhi 300 and Mars Hydro2 900
  3. Syko420

    Kings Kush

    So I moved this girl from out doors to my indoor grow for the time being while I start to flower my revolver auto flowerthis plant I decided to turn it into a bonsai tree
  4. N

    Argyle & Bakerstreet Strain: Gov Seed From Tweed, Hydro DWC

    Hi! Second journal . *disclaimer , first was under a different handle . It may be legal but my paranoia hasn't accepted I am 100% legal *. If you put it together than you read my first journal so Thanks !! Into paper towel May 25 Set up for18/6 veg so far is : 2x4x7 tent 2 DWC buckets ...
  5. Lungren

    First Grow Northern Lights x Big Bud Indoor Auto 2019

    Hello! first grower here, on day 81 from seed and just starting journal here as my one on AFN seems to be down forever? grew these ladies out in a 3x3 tent with a california lightworks 550 solar system ( with controller) they are now in a 5x5 tent with the same light planted seeds in 3g knockoff...
  6. X

    LED Light comparison

    Hello everyone!!! I'm new to forum and have a question for the experienced growers here. This is my 4th grow, I have previously used LARGE photostudio CFL bulbs and gotten some pretty decent results in my past grows but find it's raising my bills too much and the CFL bulbs get too hot and...
  7. WeeBo

    WeeBo's Soil ObiWan Kush Grow 2019 Indoor

    Welcome to my journal. I hope you come for my first real ride. Ever since the legality in Canada changed I've wanted to grow my own plants. Well I finally took the dive. I've purchased a tent (3x3x6) I also have two LED grow lights. Advertising themselves as "1000W" and "2000W" respectively...
  8. DonkeyDick

    DD 1st Indoor Grow

    Hi all and welcome everyone. My bagseed Isabelles languished for far too long before I stumbled on to 420 Mag. I’m hoping with this thread to thank some of the folk who helped me without even knowing and maybe I can help someone too. I learned an awful lot from other people’s mistakes and I’m...
  9. Syko420

    My 1st Closet Grow Revolver Auto Flowers

    strain revolver auto flower indoor Soil pro-mix bx 8 in round 3L pots t5ho sunblaster 17 watt 6400k 18 inch light
  10. Syko420

    2nd grow first time by myself

    hi my name is jay and this is my first year im doing a outdor grow and i started from seed two are unknown and one is a sour diesel and then i have a revolver auto flower indoors under a t5 and im looking for any tips from everyone else as i have done a few thing to my girls which they are doing...
  11. DreamingTrees7

    Dreamingtree’s Soil Purple LED Blue Dream & Autoflower Grow

    Hello everybody, my stage name is Dreamingtree. I really like this website because there is a huge wealth of information and pretty kool people who like to help and spread knowledge. This grow journal is about the wonderful flowering stage of marijuana plants. Set Up, Grow Medium, and...
  12. MVcowboy

    First real grow, clones, autoflowers & random seeds: need all the tips and advice I can get!

    Hello everyone, This is my first real grow. Currently have 12 plants growing. 7 clones ( Green Crack, Sour Diesel, Skywalker, Platinum, Big Bud, Cookie Glue, XJ-13), 2 Autoflowers ( Critical Purple and Gorilla Glue), Seeds ( 3 random seeds from some Reggie). I have some Feminized White Widow on...
  13. G

    First Grow, 450W LED, 3x3, Dr Seeds Nepal Master Kush Plus Some Bagseed

    Welcome to my first grow journal! I'm starting this one a bit late in the grow, but will try to do weekly updates from here out. SET UP For starters, a bit about our set up. We've got a AeroGarden we're using for seedlings/cuttings (with custom 3D printed inserts), 3x3x6 tent, 6" Hyperfan, a...
  14. Two days from four weeks flowering

    Two days from four weeks flowering

    Debilitator Kush and Whoberry Haze
  15. Carmen Ray

    Pistils turning brown ExCheese after re-potting due to Fungus Gnats

    Greetings all. I noticed a fungus gnat infestation 4 days ago, and started by placing bowls of beer and wine vinegar next to the plants (did not have wine or apple cider vinegar), but only one gnat caught. I followed up by making a spray of 5 % dishwashing liquid, and 2 drops each of cedarwood...
  16. irie lion

    Multi-Strain Soil Grow: 400W MH & HPS

    Hi All. I am from sunny Cape Town, South Africa. With our outdoor grow season coming to an end (just chopped down 3 x Elvis plants grown outdoors) my growing buddy and myself have decided to move things indoors on a small scale for winter. Grow specs: Home-built grow box 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m in...
  17. Swanberg

    Finally in a house!

    Finally into a house to fulfill my dreams of not buying weed ever again. So easy to grow. We have 2 Girl Scout and a wedding cake vegetating here and red Diesel, blue og, skywalker og, Ak 47 auto germinating, fill this bad boy up. Chicago buds. 1500w led. Swear, amazon supplies everything but...
  18. BudGinger

    Budginger Does Gorilla Glue #4

    Hey 420, how's it going? Well, after a long and successful grow (I say this before it's fully cured), I'm going to get things going again for the next crop. I learned a lot from my last grow, mainly that I didn't utilize my scrog properly. There were also suggestions for super cropping but I'm...
  19. F

    1x Tangerine Dream, 2x Church, Soil, 1000W LED & 210W CFL 5.5k Nothing Too Crazy

    Decided to give a go at journalling this round. I don't have real concrete plans, as things got kind of screwy at the beginning. Room contents are as follows: TEMP ~69-74F RH 32% Sq.Ft(unknown currently. Approx. 8x5x5) 1000w LED + 2x105w CFL 5500k, 1x 24w 6400k CFL, 2x 3500k CFL 1x Tangerine...
  20. Blue pyramid auto

    Blue pyramid auto

    Blue pyramid auto flowered under cmh315
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