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    How are my setup and plants looking? Help!

    Could someone please help me figure out why these 2 1/2 week olds are not doing as well as I’d like? On a 18/6 light schedule 400w metal halide bulb 22inches away from top of plants, I water every 2 days (about a 1/4-1/3 a solo cup of water) ph around 6, the soil I’m using is the soil in the...
  2. Sevintrix

    Auto Bilbo

  3. PurpleSpace

    PurpleSpace’s Soil PBF Grow Journal 2020

    What strain is it? Paul’s Blackberry Fire F4 - by New420guy Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica Hybrid 75/25 What percentages? THC 15-23% Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling - 1 Day from breaking soil Indoor or outdoor? Indoor - 2x4x6.5 MarsHydro Tent Soil or Hydro? ProMix - Premium All...
  4. arrigonfr

    My First Attempt Growing Indoor

    Hello everyone, I’m trying to grow some plants for the first time in an indoor (I grew one before outside), so I’m going to need some help along the process. First: I have a 24”x24”x63” tent, Apollo evolution 6 lights, a portable fan and an extractor (not using a carbon filter yet). I’ve been...
  5. S

    Shorty's Coco White Widow & Cheese Fem, 2020

    Hello 420 Community, New member and new grower, any and all advice will be highly appreciated! I am growing; 1 Feminized Cheese Fem (Native Seed Co.) Genetics= Skunk#1 x Afghani#1 Flowering Type = Photoperiod Indica/ Sativa 1 Feminized White Widow (Native Seed Co.) Genetics= south indian x...
  6. Koopa707

    Question pruning in Veg

    I’m new to indoor growing and I have two plants that are very bushy that look like they may need pruning because the fan leaves are so massive they are shading out the new growth. I have six plants total, four of which are berry white and two are from seeds I found in some amazing purple...
  7. Dkmg01

    DK'S New Grow 2020

    DK'S New Grow 2020:rollit: Hello all. I am from South Africa and this will be my third grow and this time I am set up much better. I will be growing some branded seeds from Dinafem! (OG Kush & Critical Jack) then some autos from a fellow grower here (Kush Von Stitch) . I might be doing some...
  8. tealatlas

    TealAtlas: Soil, Dark Angel, 2020, First Grow

    Strain: Dark Angel, Hybrid Indoor Grow, 48" x 48" x 80" Soil, Fox Farm Ocean Forest Mixed w/ 33% Perlite, 5gal aerated buckets LED, BESTVA DC Series 2000W (HID equiv 700W) :eye-roll: Hey there! First grow here. I've bought books, scoured the web, and done about a month's worth of exhaustive...
  9. K

    Gorilla Zkittlez

    Hi guys, So with just a few days left of my 1st ever grow, I’ve kicked off the 2nd. No journal was ever created for my first grow, but I do have lots of pictures through out it’s journey. If anyone’s interested I’ll post the photos on here somewhere. I’ve met a few people who have grown...
  10. experimentalgrower

    My First Indoor Grow: Organic, LED, Air Pot, Topping, Training, Scrog

    Hello all, nice to be here! I have just started to learn my new hobby! I bought a ton of equipment and i have spend a lot of more money on it then it was planned (never ending story?) .. - Grow tent (Secret Jardin) 4x4 / 120x120 + 2 scrog nets - Led (Telos 006): 4 x 180w - Air pot...
  11. HugePeckerhead

    The Tortoise Vs The Hare: Sativa Vs Indica Showdown

    Hi folks. I'm getting ready to start a battle between the 2. Like the title says....sativa vs indica. Now my plan for this is to add the extra flower time the sativa needs to the indica while in veg. Now, if you don't know what I mean let me break it down and explain. So if I veg the sativa for...
  12. Solaris420

    Solaris’s Garden: First Grow & Some Cacti, 2019

    Hi everyone, Solaris here from the land of the long white cloud :). Have been posting on overgrow.com lately but damn that site is dead. It is a real shame. This is my first time posting and my first day on this forum. Made an account ages ago but never got around to lurking the site or posting...
  13. 3 plant out of 6 cropped

    3 plant out of 6 cropped

    Cut down and cured 3 out of 6 plants, and was very pleased with the taste and high.
  14. IMG_20191119_202848.jpg


    Dark devil auto rough start but got it coming back around now. Left side tent . Middle Alaskan purple by seedsman far right zkittles by seedsman two Bruce banger clones seedsman for @[331646:@DeanWest89] if they take . Wasn't letting roots search for h20 enough.
  15. Syko420

    What light is better for flowering

    So I got a Mars eco 60 300 watt and a Mars ts600 now my flower room right now I'm using the Mars ts600 and the Mars eco 300w in the veg room ?????
  16. captainhowdy

    Captain Howdy's LED, Soil, Gelato & Bagseed 2019-2020

    Hello and welcome to my grow journal! Feel free to post any questions or comments! All comments are welcome but please be respectful! Strain: Gelato and Bagseeds (regular) Indica, Sativa or Hybrid: Gelato is sativa leaning hybrid. Veg or Flower stage: Veg How long: 3rd week Indoor or...
  17. IMG_20191107_202904.jpg


    God @[82899:@SeedsMan] this Bruce banger is killing it buddy. Love it def would have been a keeper man if kept mother. Very nice work breeders and thank you seedsman for letting this happen
  18. Super lemon haze/ Jabba stash week 9 fkower

    Super lemon haze/ Jabba stash week 9 fkower

    Moved into tent mid flower and added busted meizhi light
  19. HugePeckerhead

    My Perpetual Magical Garden: Huge Does Multi Strain Fun Runs

    I'm back at it again....I'm getting ready to run a bunch of different strains from a bunch of different banks. Here's a list of some of the strains already ordered. As I start the set-up , I'll start adding the information. With that being said my list is as follows. Durban Poison Girl Scout...
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