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  1. ASquirmingPileOfLizards

    Baby's First Grow: Blackjack, Black Domina X Jack Herer, In A Closet

    (DISCLAIMER NUMBER ONE: all of this is on a budget, don't expect a pretty setup) christmas 2018: five out of five non-feminized blackjack seeds sprouted in their own pint and a half of black magic potting soil, and one in around a pint in a cut-off water bottle so i could study the development...
  2. BigDIRTYBill

    BigDIRTY's 400w Aurora Indica Grow

    Hey everyone. I'm a ways through flower but I figured why not start myself a journal. I've grown quite a few times before but since Canada recently legalized cannabis I figured why not start again. Seeds popped on Oct 23. I'm currently running a 400w hps on 2x Aurora Indica by Nirvana, in a...
  3. Ink20a

    First Legal Grow: Pink Kush

    Hi everyone here is my first grow journal, will be growing Pink Kush and a few Gorilla Glue #4. Set up: 2 Veg Room 8" Fan in each room 1 wall fan in each room humidifier in each room 18 Hours of light room temp as of today 23°C humidity 55% Lights 600watt MH- w/ digital ballast - Veg (4 in...
  4. 26B3FB23-4F29-4539-8098-5665DACFED9C.jpeg


    Purple monkey balls @[210790:@bobrown14] we got lift again let’s try this again shall we ?
  5. FD3DC86B-63DD-4BFE-BDC0-3A12C110FE67.jpeg


    Check out this wicked awesome shot I took @[210790:@bobrown14] buddy a day and half in a little pill bottle added the smallest drop of ph down no meter as I know you don’t need much . Day and half brotha purple monkey balls taps in the pill bottle left on top of internet modem and never before...
  6. 20181216_205326.jpg


    Icemud deep chunk monkeyballs strain hazeman seed genetics project cannabis grow
  7. hydro91

    5x5 Grow Tent Questions

    Dear 420 Magazine forums, Had a few questions regarding a tent I just purchased. Is my 5x5 grow tent suitable for 4 plants and each one having a yield of 1 lbs each plant or am I pushing my luck with limited space? I plan on running 2 viparspectra V600w led's to get me started. I'm most...
  8. S

    Diagnose my Feminized Auto-Flower Problem

    Hey there, this is my first indoor grow. I'm using an old toy chest that's about 2x2x4. I got my seeds from Crop King Seeds in Vancouver, BC. They are the feminized auto-flowering Northern Lights variety. I used 4 LEDs for the vegetative stage and I got 3 more LEDs bulbs once I noticed some...
  9. B

    First grow - Looking for feedback

    I appreciate any feedback. This is my first post and my first grow. Built a 2x2x4 grow box and used cfls. What I’m really curious about is if you all think I’ll get a good yield from these. They hit week 4 of flower tomorrow. How are they looking for week 4? Plants are a Skunk #1 x Skunk #2...
  10. B

    Boatshoe’s Indoor N.Lights x Skunk Home Cross First Time Breeding 2018 Organic Soil LED

    Greetings and All the Best to my buddies at 420 Magazine! :welcome: This journal will be for my grow effort using seeds I created last grow. This is my first time to create seeds so it’s exciting. I crossed Northern Lights x Skunk last year, there are some pictures of the parents in my last...
  11. A4C99318-6571-44CD-89E4-586CA87F67C8.jpeg


    3 white widow x Alaskan thunder fuck seeds @themaddaber what is the flower time on these seeds buddy . In a cup of distilled water . Instead of using tap water let’s see .
  12. F3AAD267-CD20-4A03-8748-1D364A0BA997.jpeg


    Pmb day 12 from Seed nov 23,18 just before transplant what she looks like
  13. F8260CB3-9CCA-4D02-B1D8-143B5AD45411.jpeg


    Purple monkey balls day like 10 ish maybe 11 best root system to date . @[210790:@bobrown14]
  14. Medgrower93

    First Grow: Indoors & Outdoors

    Strain: Unknown Age: 1 month No of plants: 4 Indoor or outdoor: two indoors 18/6 - two outdoors 12/12. Lighting: DIY LED combined with a LED bulb Medium: Organic Soil (no sythetic liquid nutes) Soil mix: 1/2 potting soil, 1/4 coco-coir, 1/4 kitchen waste compost. Temp: 25c day - 22c night RH of...
  15. 549A9C09-D431-4317-9A0B-35D915CBB3FD.jpeg


    Day 5 purple monkey ball in coco ppm around 200 ish in 140 is tap water . Seeing some roots that’s a good sign in my world . My question. Is how does it look so far for day 5 ? @[210790:@bobrown14] thank you so much ✊
  16. Teleon

    New First Grow: Crimea Blue, Soil, Organic, With Selfmade LED Light

    Hey :welcome: Here is my first grow and my first report, I hope u will enjoy! :yahoo: I wanted to do this since years, but never had enough time to do it - now I have the time and I'm very excited to see them grow. And if u will notice, I'm no native english speaking person - so forgive me...
  17. Lisaalexstark

    Name That Deficiency

    Hello Smokers and Smokettes!! I have been having some serious issues with my grow closet :( please im hoping someone can define whats going on here before its too late! ive already had some horrible things go on here. so im using an 135W HLG QB288 V2 paired with a KING PLUS 1000W, not truly...
  18. 059BC734-F442-47E5-B616-7E0454237761.jpeg


    My thc bomb best one . Day 35 veg I think . Coco.
  19. T

    First Indoor Grow: Problem Identification Help

    Hi! First post here, discovered 420magazine through reading about bud washing and Doc Bud. To the point, this is muy first Indoor Grow, I have a - 1,20x1,20x2,00 M tent, - 315w Solux LEC (CMH) - Plus simple humidifier, CO2 Boost from fungi and a little moving fan. With - 10 +Speed autos...
  20. Debilitator Kush at one month of flower

    Debilitator Kush at one month of flower

    Debilitator Kush on her way to chunky funky nugs, one month of flower.