1. W

    Weffalo's West Coast O.G. First Time Grow: Indoor, Soil, SIP, Auto

    Hey everyone ! So finally starting my first grow, seeds are still germinating but I'm looking to plant them within the next day or so. I've done a lot of research but as this is a first time grow you can probably expect more questions than images of bud porn to start with I'm sorry <3 Strain...
  2. Dkmg01

    Dk's Pub & Grow: Indoor & Outdoor

    (And so it begins my pretties - Thunderdome announcer) :welcome: Here we are again after a long break from journals. :hmmmm: I will be growing an indoor and outdoor thread based upon about 3 Maybe 4 years experience. :nerd-with-glasses: The grow will be catered to both coco/perlite and sand...
  3. Melville Hobbes

    Mel Can't Dance

    Hello everyone. This winter I'll be growing a Do si dos and a Do si dos #33. First up is the Do si dos #33. The seed is from @Barney's Farm bought through @Herbies Seeds Second is a Do si dos from @Weed Seeds Express Do si dos #33 -Do si dos x Gelato #33 -60% indica/40% sativa -22-28% THC...
  4. D

    First time grower - is it a male?

    Hi. This is my first time time growing. I started without any knowledge (had a bag of random seeds I've collected from my buds throughout the years), but managed to geminate 3 seeds nearly 7 weeks ago. Since then I read a lot (you guys are amazing! Been lurking these threads and have learned a...
  5. Roy Growin

    Abandoned Gelato-K Grow Journal

    Gelato-K [Gelato x Bubba Kush] is a prize-winning strain famed for it's sweet flavours and with 20% THC, the quality is guaranteed Sativa dominant, I will need to top and LST to keep the plant at a manageable height of 80cm max This seedling is 7-10 days since germination and I am feeding...
  6. Keffka

    Keffka's Stonington Soil, Bag Seed, 2022 Setup Indoor Grow

    Hello all, I am currently in the middle of my first grow which spawned out of planting a red pepper seed from a store bought pepper. I’ve always been interested in cannabis and it’s cultivation but have never really been in a position to grow. Well that’s all changed lol. A couple months ago...
  7. Adora

    Feels Like I'm In A Tangerine Dream - 2022 Grow

    🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚 🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚🍊🌚 Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream Grow Space: 3x3' @VIVOSUN tent for flower Lights: @Mars Hydro TS1000 Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Medium: Promix HP Nutrients: Dry organic veg (4-4-4) and bloom (2-8-4) fertilizer...
  8. J

    Stunted Growth, Seeking Help

    Hi there, I have a few successful grows under my belt over the past 2 years and am now finding it more difficult than ever before. It seems as though the more I have upgraded my setup and researched more information, the more problems I am having. Some info about my setup: Light: HLG 600...
  9. soup.jpeg


    Increases overall quality of Hemp and Medical Marijuana
  10. Adora

    Adora's Blueberry Summer Grow

    Grow Space: 3x3' black box tent Lights: 1500w COB LED (true draw 250w) Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Medium: Promix HP Nutrients: Dry organic veg (4-4-4) and bloom (2-8-4) fertilizer, calmag + iron (2-0-0), liquid seaweed (2-2-7) Pots: haven't decided yet I will be growing a Blueberry. She will be...
  11. Bounce3d

    Completed Grow 3 - GSC - Scrog

    These girls had a long slow Veg as they where waiting for the main box to be cleared out. they were under 1 x 11w cfl for 101 days, since clones. my last grow i had 1 x pot with 2 plants and 1 x pot with 4 plants in it. this time i have gone 2 plants per pot, two pots. running the same...
  12. N

    Beginner Grow Journal, Autoflower Coco Coir, COB LED Grow

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my noobie grow journal! I will be looking forward to meet and learn from all the wonderful people in this website. Here's a little information about my grow: Tent: 2x2x5 feet Light: 150W COB LED (18 hours on/ 6 hours off) Fans: 4 Inch exhaust, 1 small fan for...
  13. Jungle Joseph

    Joe's Grows

    Hello 420 friends, welcome to Joe's grows. I currently have 6 plants, all clones from bagseed. 5 outside and 1 in the tent. 3 plants are in fabric pots (shopping bags), and 2 in small planter bags. The plant in the tent is in a 10 gallon pro fabric pot. The plants in the small planter bags...
  14. 914u3t40xuL._AC_SX960_SY720_.jpg


    Grow tent corner shelf designed for grow tents. Made in the USA! Easily display your hygrometer or webcam to keep an eye on those temperatures or plants! Sizes: 16mm 19mm 22mm
  15. CannaTech3D

    CannaTech3D: Hello 420 Fam! Need Grow Tent Accessories? We Got Your Back!

    Hello 420 Friends! We are so proud to be a sponsor for 420 Magazine! It is great to be here and we are very excited to introduce our products to everyone on this great platform! As of right now now we have 3 products ready to ship. Grow Tent Fan Mounts Grow Tent corner Shelves Grow tent...
  16. Damyanovftw

    Damy's Auto-Bomb, Northen, Green-O-Matic Auto, Tent

    Greetings people! Hope everything finds you well. This will be my first grow journal, and fourth grow in total. Previously I've done Girl Scout autos, White Widow and Silver haze which kind died on me. First 2 were done indoor, as for the third it was outdoor. For this time going back in the...
  17. UpNSmoke42

    Completed UpNSmoke42, Sohum Soil, Critical Purple Autos, 2021

    What Strain is it? Critical purple auto by How Many Plants? 3 Abigail Agatha Agnes Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Veg If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 22 days from seed Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor tent Soil or Hydro? Sohum Soil If Soil... What Size Pot? 3 gallon...
  18. Photo 39 - SD.jpeg

    Photo 39 - SD.jpeg

    Sour Diesel - Day 94 (+9)
  19. Photo 38 - SD.jpeg

    Photo 38 - SD.jpeg

    Sour Diesel - Day 94 (+9)
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