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  1. TripleBeam

    Critical Jack & Dark Devil Auto Cross

    Hello Everyone and welcome to my 2018 journal. This year i will be growing a cross between Critical Jack and Dark Devil Auto. To my knowledge it is photo sensitive rather than auto. As far as other traits we will find out as it grows. Unless i learn more about them. I planted six seeds in one...
  2. Mondstern

    Mondstern's First Official Attempt - Outdoor/Indoor Hybrid Environment - Newbie 2016

    What strain is it? 1*Auto (previous ongoing grow, did not tag, could be Lemon OG Haze, OG Kush or Bubblelicious) (Nirvana), 1*AK48 fem (Nirvana), 1*Lithium OG Kush fem (Nirvana), 1*Misty Kush fem (Nirvana), 1*Master Kush fem (Nirvana), 1*Haze x Kali China fem (ACE) Is it Indica, Sativa or...
  3. madmarv0525

    Is it possible to run hi brix in a hempy?

    Hello all I am currently working on rearranging some things with my grow I have a 1000w light on its way and I'm making my space larger. I would like to try a hi brix hempy hybrid system just don't know if it's possible. Would love to hear from doc on this but also anyone with experience in...
  4. MassMedMan

    MassMedMan's Hi Brix Perpetual Featuring 600W LEDs

    So, there is not much else to say about Doc and his kit. I'm a man of few words, but this is the beginning of as new journal with Doc Buds Hi Brix kit, and I'll be using two LED lights to start, for blooming. But, I think it's safe to say that the majority of my growing from this point...
  5. seagem

    Grass Roots Hi Brix

    "420's" Grass Roots Hi Brix
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