OG's Hi Brix Organic: LEDs, Perpetual Harvest

Ok went on another northern Quebec dirt bike adventure, then a fishing trip.
Now back and will really start taking pics again.
Here are some from last night.

Also I have a delay now. As discussed in docs question thread my friend got divorced and sold house so brought me his two large veg plants to bloom. Turns out they are full of thrips and have infected my veg cabinet bad and bloom cabinet slightly. Threw away his two plants and trimmed every leaf off the veg plants that I saw a thrip on.
Gave the veg plants some neem oil and ordered doc buds leaf wash.
Thanks for following guys. It makes it worth it going to the trouble of updating. Sometimes I lose motivation. I will try to do better for those of you that are following. Also if anyone has any questions feel free to ask them.
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