OG's Hi Brix Organic: LEDs, Perpetual Harvest

Not as amazing as before but still up better than my other investments.
I would not recommend getting in this late.
I have been selling my canopy every time it runs up then buying it back after the dip to improve my position. Just did the same with mpx.
All the cannabis stocks peaked in January crazy high, then dropped, but doing fine long term I’m sure. Canopy growth just went over $40 per share again, that’s my biggest one at over $16k now
Yes if canada rules as is then no province has control over it only the federal rules would count. And I'm not sure the amount of plants any 1 person can have recreationally but I know that they allow prescription holders to grow their own medication.

Here are some key points around legalized marijuana:

- Production of cannabis is regulated by the federal government, with provinces and cities given more powers over retail sales in stores that can be either private or government-owned
- There are tough restrictions on packaging and advertising to ensure that smoking doesn’t appeal to youth
- Marijuana use remains illegal for people younger than 18, and no individual can possess more than the equivalent of 30 grams of dried cannabis
- Most importing or exporting of marijuana remains illegal
- Police can still write tickets for some minor infractions, a downgrade from the old system that often meant criminal charges could be filed
- Sales are subject to an excise tax and regular sales taxes, with excise revenue split 75-25 between the provincial and federal governments for the first two years
- A separate law is reworking the powers police have to check for impaired drivers
- Some medical use of marijuana is already legal in Canada
Yeah, that's the rub. Home growing doesn't fit into any administrative model, so it won't seem like a good idea to the ones who will write the legislation. They'll want to avoid that if they can. Too many American States ended up that way - no home growing - after their supposed legalization. The devil will indeed be in the details.
"no individual can possess more than the equivalent of 30 grams of dried cannabis"

Umm, I'm in a lot of trouble, ha!

...I believe that's out and about...I'm not sure about in house quantity's yet, and if after harvest, one can just go on to the next four, regardless of your stash size...doesn't really matter to me at this time...gonna do what I've always done...don't they know how many strains are out there to try!??...:rofl:...cheerz...h00k...:rollit:
Just harvested 3.25 oz of ultimate(ly not) purple.
Going to drop this one.
Tastes like grape and smells nice abd smokes ok but trying to get a truly purple bud withthout having to freeze it wth Ac.
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