OG's Hi Brix Organic: LEDs, Perpetual Harvest

I just ordered one of these dual Cobb CXB3590 lights for my veg cabinet. only Canadian $280 with free Shipping. Will let you know a review when it arrives. The mars hydro is dead AGAIN.
Here are some pics.
2x6 cabinet is in bloom, and at the moment the 2x4 cabinet is too. Unfortunately the mars 2 700 that was in there has failed again, so the cheap mars hydro spare I had to buy the first time I had to pay to send it for warranty is in its place until my first dual Cobb CXB3590 arrives.

If you guys want details on the dual Cobb CXB3590 led grow light for canadian$280 (us$216) you will have to pm me,
Not allowed to post aliexpress links here. I will share a review of it when it arrives, but no links are allowed...
Glad to see some of you are still around :cool:
Things are going well for the grow other than the mars 2 700 failing again.
I am excited to have started a bunch of new strains:

Fruit punch (can’t remeber breeders can check later)
Purple kush
Cannabiogen destroyer
The admins deleted the link to my dual cob CXB3590 with 5 year warranty for us$216 delivered as the supplier is not a sponsor and the admins apparently think I have been here for 4 years posing as a real user just to sell one light from alieexpress lol! That’s what their email said anyway...
So if you want a link pm me.
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