OG's Hi Brix Organic: LEDs, Perpetual Harvest

Sheesh, how many bozos are there out there growing weeds? How do you not know that the plants you're handing over have bugs? Does everyone else have bugs?

Sorry to hear about the infestation. :confused:
Stocks are great at about $50k now. Hard to decide when to sell again. Been selling when they run up and buying back after dips. Might be soon though seems like another big dip coming
Cannatonic buds were small only got 2 oz.
Doc buds leaf wash just arrived. Sprayed all veg plants with 1/4 strength leaf wash.

Everything seems fine here in Canada with national legalization. So congratulations to Drugs, for winning the war on drugs. Way to go Drugs! We knew you could do it.
$660,000 worth of cannabis sold in Nova Scotia yesterday...also seems to be quite a supply problem...given the heads up, places should have been better stocked IMHO...of course, doesn't matter to any of us tho'...:laugh:...and don't drive around around with a zip on the dash...cost Ya 672.00 bones...:eek:...cheerz...h00k...:rollit::passitleft:...
Puff, puff, pass,,,, oh Canada, congrats!
Harvested grand daddy (not at all) purple and purple kush. Purple kush is pretty

Also planted two new grand daddy purple seeds and two Ayahuasca Purple seeds and one dark devil auto (need something quick going to have a large gap between harvests from the previous bug delay so did one auto )
Too much light as it is- bleached tops had to move lights up. Cant think of why I would want more.
As for moving it, it is simple and cheap way to make the lights more efficient. Hits the plants from different angles for better penetration of the canopy.

Got about 2.5oz from each of the two GDP sharing a pot and 2 of the purple kush that was purple and 2 of the ok that was green.
Killed all the green clones to make room for 2 new GDP and two new ayahuasca purple by Barneys farm. They will both share pots in pairs to check phenotype for a purple one.
Then later will pick best of purples.
Veg plants are finally starting to produce new leaves that are not as mutated from the heavy neem oiling. Looks like around 2-3 days until 2 of them will be healthy enough to bloom now. Just want to see a bunch of new leaves that are not mutated at all then will switch to bloom. They didnt really grow much for weeks but have not seem a single thrip since third neem oil application weeks ago.
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