Drcannabi's KIS Organics Recycled Soil - HSO Loast Coast OG - LED Grow


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This will be an LED all organic grow using the KIS organics Nutrient Pack and recycled soil. I'll be updating once a week until the final smoke report. Please join in the fun. I am by no means an expert and everything I do has been tailored for the least amount of effort possible. Once in the final containers I only use filtered tap water and a few AACT brews to keep the soil alive and thriving. At weeks 3 and 5 I'll give them a shot of Budswell.

Questions and comments are most welcome. Advice is always well received but not always taken lol.

Genetics all from seed
1x HSO Lost Coast OG
1x CSG Strawberries and Cream
2x OGR The White S1

All seeds were started in Rockwool and a humidity dome. Water was PH'd to 5.6 during the sprouting stage. Once a few good roots appeared I transplanted to 1 gallon plastic containers and vegged for 6 weeks. They were then moved to 7 gallon bags and vegged for another 2 weeks.

The soil recipe is as follows: I mixed it, watered it, and planted in it 48 hours later.
20 gallons used soil
1 gallon Earthworm Castings
1/2 gallon Bu's blend
1 gallon perlite
2 cups KIS Organics Nutrient Pack

The environment:
5x5 Gorilla grow tent
1x Budmaster GOD 1200
1x CLW SolarStorm 400
1x CLW SolarFlare 200
RH: 35-60
Temps: 60-80

This is one week after the start of 12x12.


Strawberries and Cream

The White S1 #1

The White S1 #2

Lost Coast OG

:420: Lets get this party started
Hi brightlight!

I know you grew the ET version of Lost Coast OG and really loved it. I bought the HSO before I realized all your reports on it were from ET DOH! I believe it's the same strain as HSO mentions emerald gave them the cut in their description. Lets hope it is!
I'll enjoy watching you grow the HSO. I've seen where ETS uses something called Emerald OG like in the HSO Lost Coast in other ET strains. The ET LC is like a new take on Chemdawg, using its own Lemon Thai x Pakistani X Chem 4. Doesn't matter, bet both are great even if a little different. Sure would like more details on the HSO as you're right I had great luck with the ETS version both inside & outdoors. The White S1 almost pulled me in but I thought I'd wait for the WiFi like you recommended. I'll tell you what...I sure like the OGR White Master.
You're right BL. Thanks for catching that. I read it totally wrong. Good not to spread misinformation. Hopefully it will still be fun. I can honestly say I've never had an easier plant to grow. It's also amazing how well it takes to topping. I topped this one a couple times and it looks to have over 20 top so I'm pretty happy with it so far. It smells super skunky too.

Their blurb:
A reknown Emerald area breeder passed HSO this elite clone, which they backcrossed into their Emerald OG to bring out some more gassy flavor and smell. This plant does great in coastal areas, is earlier finishing than your average OG, and the yield is also bigger. It´s one of HSO favorites because it performs so well outdoors.
Wow, way to come back with a bang :smokin:

definitely subbed for the ride, if you'll have me :)

best of luck :thumb:
Dusty's in. Happy daze brother. Garden is looking beaut. Glad to be back in your garden. Lets do this.
Thanks Dusty! It's great to be back. I missed not having plants growing.

Glad to see you back Dr!
Thanks for the welcome Canna!

Subbed :) if ya don't mind :) a Budmaster user myself :)
Welcome icemud! Glad to have you. Hopefully I'll do the Budmaster justice.

Wow, way to come back with a bang :smokin:

definitely subbed for the ride, if you'll have me :)

best of luck :thumb:

Thanks 420brother! Glad to have you. This recycled soil is absolutely amazing. Not a single sign of deficiency on any of the strains!
sub'd and looking mighty fine there Doc :goodluck: Keep it green my friend!
Great to see you Bo! Nothing like organic buds :)

This is gonna be fire. Loved your last grow. Those ogr beans are difficult to track down these days. I'm still searching...
Hi there dab! You ain't kidding. OGR WiFi hasn't been available for a long while. I have 4 WiFi beans I've been waiting to pop till I got my propagation and cloning environment dialed in. Hopefully I'll find a keeper in my last 4 beans.
Tonight I did my final training until harvest. I cleaned up all the lowers and tied down every main branch to spread them out. I also gave them 10 ml of BudSwell (per/gal) a week earlier than planned because they're all pretty much done stretching after only 2 weeks.

Here's how I solved the LED footprint issue. I just added more lights lol. Problem is different manufacturers (and different lights from the same manufacturers) have different sweet spots for hanging distance. I've managed to get direct light on all the tops so I'm hoping for more than measly Lb. (which is what I got on my last run using just the Budmaster). It would be nice to pull 1.5 Lbs :):):).

LED Footprint solution (More lights) lol The CLW lights are 18" above the canopy. The BM is all the way at the top of the tent.




White S1 #2

White S1 #1

Strawberries and Cream

Lost Coast OG

Lots of nice smells starting to become evident. The SnC is the stinkiest and looks to be the best yielder. Just Smells very skunky with a little underlying fruit but mostly just skunky. I'm glad I took clones because so far she's the star of the show. The lost coast OG already has the smell of OG. Fuel and skunk all the way. The White S1s have very little smell.

Have a great weekend!
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