1. StoneOtter

    ViparSpectra KS5000 Grow Light Details

    Hello and good day! I want to leave some documents here that @ViparSpectra put out on their KS5000 light I'm using in my 4 x 4 tent. It looks like an excellent light and the more information the better to be "ALWAYS GROWING" I may adopt that motto myself! It fits me perfectly! These diodes...
  2. o, yeah!

    o, yeah!

    so happy. 800-1200 par, now
  3. ConstantGreen

    PPFD Graphs and Analysis

    Hello, this will be a continuation of my last thread, where I hand-measured and plotted the PPFD of Amare and Mars LED's with a hydrofarm PAR meter. Since then, I've also measured the Mars Reflector 192, Philips CMH 315w, etc. The point of this research is to determine the optimal footprint and...
  4. philthegeek

    Adventures in LED's - DIY tinkering fun

    Hi all. Sort of consolidating some info gathered over the last few weeks into this post in the hope its useful to someone. Have posted bits of this in other threads over the last few weeks but have now had a good play with some COB leds I bought for testing purposes. So, long...
  5. Mayne

    DWC, MarsHydro, FoxFarm Run

    Whats up people, got something interesting going on here for ya. DWC, MarsHydro300, FoxFarm Nutes trio, Recharge First DWC, former microgrower, Conditions optimal, 65water, 750ppms, 59ph, dont change much, drinking water. Dont know how to rise PPMs after res change tho, was...
  6. T

    LEDS - Multiple or one is better?

    Hello Everyone, I have a question and hope to find some help from people with understanding better then me. Please i ask in advance you be patient with me as i may not use the right terms as i am learning. Have a 5 foot x 3 foot area for veg and grow. have been using 400 hps and 600 hps for veg...
  7. ShiggityFlip

    Shiggityflip - Follow The Yellow Brix Road With The Perfect Sun 1000

    Hey all, Shiggityflip here with a sponsored journal from Black Diamond Grow lights. Featuring the Perfect Sun 1000, a 520 watt light that puts out heavy PAR numbers, competing directly with the output below a 1000w HPS. I first started working with this light last grow, you can see it here in...
  8. H

    Par question

    How many pars does it take to grow one plant. Lets say for instance that I put my light 1m above the canopy and the par meter tells me 83 par. And the lower to the floor lets par and closer to the light the more par I get. So how many pars would it take to flower one plant?
  9. Reaf


    Hi I have been lurking for a while and my buddy decided to bend my rubber arm to do a journal. I thought I would start here by saying hello :thumb: I am a pure organic grower utilising the micro flora and fauna to help my ladies thrive . My veg room has 2 x 600w high par MH 1 x 400w...
  10. S

    PAR bulbs and Lumens question...

    Hi, I have been looking at some lights and am getting confused... Is a PAR38 light (90W) with 1200 lumens better than a regular 100W 1600 lumens bulb? I understand that the PAR light can be more concentrated and directed but which one is actually better to use? Thanks.
  11. Icemud

    Icemud's Grow 8.0 - New Intelligent-Gro LED - 2 x IGRO-228 LED - Testing & Review

    Hello everyone and welcome to my 8th Grow Journal!!! Sponsored by Intelligent-Gro LED Grow lights. I am Icemud and have been growing now and a member at 420 Magazine for 3+ years. I am a indoor soil grower who as of now have successfully completed 7 harvests over the past few years...
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