NukeHeads Sponsored Grow Journal PlantWrestlers 30 Nukes

Welcome everyone!
I have been given 30 NukeHead seeds to grow out here on 420 mag and review the NukeHeads strain.

For those unware NukeHeads are a seed company and the NukeHead is thier signature strain NukeHeads are also a sponsor of our 420 magazine site Redirect Notice
The NukeHeads strain created in Colorado is known for producing polyploid characteristics ,15 leaf fan leaves and double headed buds.
The seeds can be found along with additional info and purchased on the NukeHeads website here.

So we have 30 seeds to work with here to see exactly what the NukeHeads strain is all about.
I grow in soil with 600w hps lights and mars led indoors and I also grow outdoors here in the Australian sun, so these 30 NukeHeads will be grown indoors and also in a separate outdoor grow.
We will see just how big the NukeHeads get!

Shipping was fast and with tracking I live in a different country and it was no problem recieving the seeds in a timely fashion.

The seeds come in a very nice and handy personalised 3d printed box and vials .

The little magic box was excited as I was jumping around the veg room like a little girl in a lolly shop!

The seeds themselves look good

Now I usually plant directly into soil however I've been told these NukeHeads seeds are extra fresh and need to be soaked for 24 hours so I took all 30 seeds and placed them in bore water pumped from the great artisian basin in a black lightproof bowl and sat them in my veg room at 22 degrees celcius.

And now we wait !
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