420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Kismet

Got three babes out of 5 seeds up. When i opened the pack one seed was smattered so prolly just an impact during shipping why the other 2 didn't show too the party. The card was beat up. Going to flower 2 and make a mother out of one. Playing by the new rules here. With legalization downsizing to be on the up and up. Exciting times.:) Photo's incoming of my sweet lil baby girls, Thanks again @Weed Seeds Express.:morenutes:
Figuring just going to run a couple of monsters. Just go longer on veg.
What size pots I’m sure ur going to blow this one out the water k !!!!!!!!
I kno wen I don’t have my jungle in motion I’m a sad pup get depressed n shyt but that is one positive thing bout this a lot of people haven’t got growing this plant is good for the mind. An this covid bs it’s been a train run from the start n still haven’t found a stop hopfully things go back to usual god knows my kids driving me nuts
Already have plans for a perpetual mother in my clawfoot bathtub.
Hells yeahhhh tub grow is nice is simple since the drain half work done
Yah weird thing is when you are anti social. Covid didnt faze me was the wheelchair for 5 months.
Agree with ya don’t really have much friends just my parents n the few ppl I chat here how this world is nowadays better to stay to ur self eny ways but dam weel chair wtf that’s sucks glad ur better know !!!
Back up strong and running again. Looking forward to my state getting legalized right.
They still working on mine witch I’m a 90s bby I’ll prob be 60 wen it legalized !! I’m not waiting lol :D
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