organic soil

  1. MegaBudz

    MegaBudz - CBD Lemon Auto Grow - Cheap Lights - Good Soil - STS Fem Seeds

    About Me: I frequented these forums as far back as 2013 trolling for grow info of every kind. I finally created an account in 2017 with intentions to make a grow journal. Then life just got too busy and I was unable to, eventually shutting down my grow. I learned so much from these forums...
  2. BakedARea

    BakedARea's Cultivated Blessings: A Myriad Of Genetics & Shenanigans

    Now that I'm actually getting around to starting this perpetual journal, I have no idea what to write. I did know however that I wanted to start it on New Year. It is about having goals and getting them accomplished. A perpetual journal has been one of those goals! This is simply a continuation...
  3. el gringuito

    Need custom organic soil advice for outdoor pots

    Hi all. I am new here at 420, and hope I am posting right. If I am in the wrong section, please just redirect me. I have grown a few times back in the US, but now I am in rural Colombia (long story), and I am having a hard time finding pre-prepared soil (like I am used to), and all the...
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    Organic seedling soil
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    Seedling soil mix - slightly damp and will fall apart easily.
  6. Old Ron

    J.D. Black Pearl Collection Grow

    This is my J.D. Black Pearl Collection grow. I put 3 each of the following into Jiffy Starter pods, soaked in a ph’d water and kelp solution, on Sunday September 14 @9pm: • Black Pearl x Pineapple Thai • Ace Panama x Pineapple Thai, • SK1 x Black Pearl x Pineapple Thai • AK x Black Pearl x...
  7. Hypnotic420

    Is organic soil better than regular soil?

    I’m on my second grow and I was wondering if organic is better than regular soil? I have only used organic and I have noticed that the soil stays moist longer than my house plants that have regular. During my first grow, one plant could never dry out no matter what I tried, then developed root...
  8. Van Stank

    The Stanks Do Stankberry & DTF

    Why another Journal Stank's? We are breaking this journal off from our perpetual as it will allow us to showcase our own crosses. We will post updates of all our Stank Genetics stuff here as a focal point. We started 8 beans, 4 Stankberry and 4 DTF about a week ago. What is a Stankberry...

    The Girl Who Drank The Moon

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  11. Van Stank

    Stanks Go Perpetual In 2018!

    Hey 420!!! The new year is upon us and the Stanks have decided to go perpetual. We had a great time on our first two grows but we have decided to change things up a bit. In our first grows, I did most of the growing work and Ms Stank helped where needed and at harvest times. This year, she...
  12. Van Stank

    Van Stank's Nukehead Sponsored Grow

    Happy New Years to 420 and anyone who might browse this forum. The Stanks are starting the new year off in a Nuclear fashion with the signature strain from Nukehead. First I want to apologize for the delay in getting into this grow. It was my original intent to grow this at the end of last...
  13. JimSaskFarmer

    Canadian Legal Grow - LP Genetics From Seed - Organic Soil - Sensi Star 2017

    A little background first. This is my lovely wife's grow i am merely chronicling it as there are very few grow reports for Canadian LP Genetics. She has dealt with PTSD for several years, with the main complaint now being insomnia. At the beginning of February of this year she applied for a...
  14. BluePhoric

    Blueberry Canuk & Euphoria Royal Queen - Organic Soil - CFL Only - First Grow

    Hi guys. Been reading and learning a lot from y'all lately. Thanks. Just thought I would share my first grow experience (going very well thus far), and maybe ask for advice later-on. Here is all the info I thought could be useful. Pictures of days 1 to 18 will soon follow. ----- 2 plants...
  15. K

    Organic Perpetual Garden - 4x4 - LED - Indoor Grow

    So really this all started a little while ago and I have been tweaking and buying things in order to make this perpetual grow function as such and I have finally gotten all dialed in and prepared to show photos and continue on from there so here we go.. What strain is it? Long story short I...
  16. A

    Organic Grow With No Added Nutrients

    I will be growing with Roots Organics Original. I plan on not adding any other nutrients then whats already in the soil itself and i would like to get some feed back on if I'm making a wise choice or not? New Grower i'd really appreciate some feed back, thank you.
  17. R

    Over watering organic soil pH 5.5

    Hey I just started to grow my first set. One Northern Light 4 weeks, One Cheese 3 weeks, one Skunk 4 weeks wich seems to have some problems... Allmost all of the leaves have some yellow contrast in them, and most of the upper ones is pretty yellow alltrough. She do not have as much power in...
  18. arellanobrian

    Help With Reused Coco/Perlite Soil Mix

    I have a bunch of coco from my last grow and am not getting the best results from just reusing it so ive decided to step into making my first organic soil!! i have heard lots of great things of doc buds hi brix method but want to make due with what i have and add what i really need. im very...
  19. UncleCannabis

    UncleC's Ganja Grove - Organic Soil - LED - SOG - La Chocolat/Vanilla Kush/LSD/GSC

    UncleC's Ganja Grove - Organic Soil/LED/SOG - La Chocolat/Vanilla Kush/LSD/GSC Hello 420 friends. I’m Uncle Cannabis AKA UncleC (not my real name of course) and welcome to my grow journal. Before we get started..…first things first……This journal is intended for entertainment use only and is...
  20. SoilGirl

    SoilGirl's Organic In & Out Journal 2015

    Welcome to my Indoor/Outdoor all organic soil grow journal. :) I'll be growing quite a few strains all in organic soils; mostly LOS/ROLS (Living Organic Soil/Recycled Organic Living Soil - just search either of these terms and there's a wealth of information out there for beginners) ... but I'll...
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