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Van Stank

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Why another Journal Stank's?

We are breaking this journal off from our perpetual as it will allow us to showcase our own crosses. We will post updates of all our Stank Genetics stuff here as a focal point.

We started 8 beans, 4 Stankberry and 4 DTF about a week ago.

What is a Stankberry?

Stankberry is 50/50 hybrid we created from crossing a fantastic smelling Blueberry girl with our monster Alaskan Thunderfuck (ATF) male. Its an aggressive growing F1 with an amazing sweet blueberry muffin smell with towering colas of painkilling buds. Its a great balanced hybrid that will hit you with the initial rush of energy from the Sativa side of the ATF before settling into a very relaxed Indica body buzz. Worries and aches disappear, leaving you about 30 min up to an hour of productive time before you will want to sit back and relax for a movie or a nice meal.

What is DTF?

DTF, also known as Durban ThunderFuck, is a cross of Dutch Passion's Durban Poison and our monster Alaskan Thunderfuck. She is a 90% Sativa that should leave ya ready for whatever life might throw your direction. A few others have grown out the DTF and love the Sativa nature she loves flaunt. She should produce spears of fantastic meds.

How are you growing them?

We are growing all of them in our own homemade living organic soil, under a combination of lights. They were germinated and started under a T5 and will be moved under a Perfect Sun Dwarf Star for their veg period. For flower, they will be grown out under our Spydrx Plus from Fluence. No nutes are used....our soil is loaded with everything it needs. We will water with rain water and the occasional ACT treatment. There will be the occasional top dressings with EWC, Kelp Meal, Seabird Guano, Glacial Rock Dust, Basalt, and Gypsum for any additional soil energy needed.

How big are you growing em Stank?

Well we are expecting about a 50/50 ratio of males and females so that would give us 4 plants to work with unless we find a superstar male. We will grow them in solo cups for a few weeks before moving them to 2 gallon pots for another few weeks. They will either be up potted and flipped immediately after up potting if they are threats to grow out of the tent like the last Stankberry. Other wise, we will give them a week or two to get used to the 10 gallon pots before flipping.

Van Stank

Member of the Month: Nov 2017 - Plant of the Month: June 2018, November 2018 - Plant of the Year: 2018
Stankberry Seedling Day 7

This is up to date as of today. All 4 are looking healthy. A couple are showing marks from where the seed shell was stuck for a bit. Roots are progressing and are visible on all 4 plants, but no superstars at this point. They got a drink of rain water yesterday. They have 3 more days and they will all be moved into the LED tent.

Stankberry #1

Stankberry #2

Stankberry #3

Stankberry #4

Group Shot


Van Stank

Member of the Month: Nov 2017 - Plant of the Month: June 2018, November 2018 - Plant of the Year: 2018
Hey all, glad to have some new and familiar faces joining us for this. We have another update tonight, the DTFs are up.

DTF Veg Day 6

(Just a quick note for anyone new following that doesn't know our timeline. We run the seedling as a seedling for 7 days. Assuming they are healthy and alive, they move out of seedling stage after those 7 days and enter our official veg timeline. So while it says Veg day 'x', they are really that plus 7.)

The DTF are looking happy and healthy under their little T5 setup. Gave them a small drink of rainwater today. They are starting to get some better roots and drinking a bit more so I expect them to start chugging here soon. I figure we have another 2 weeks in the solo cup before we need to up pot. I grabbed eight 1/2 gallon square pots at the grow store today for when that time comes.

DTF #1

DTF #2

DTF #3

DTF #4

Family Day Shot

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