1. StoneOtter

    Otterfarm Flooded! NextLight Mega Responsible!

    :love: Welcome :love: Secure Your Shades There's A New Light in Otterville! And I Couldn't Be Happier To Show You All! You know things are good when you can think back and say, what days have been better than this one, and birth of children come to mind. Today's one. My Nextlight Mega came...
  2. 20190101_174035.jpg


    Frosty lowers
  3. Van Stank

    The Stanks Do Stankberry & DTF

    Why another Journal Stank's? We are breaking this journal off from our perpetual as it will allow us to showcase our own crosses. We will post updates of all our Stank Genetics stuff here as a focal point. We started 8 beans, 4 Stankberry and 4 DTF about a week ago. What is a Stankberry...
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