White Rhino, CBD Cream & Cheese & Stankberry Medley

Hello and Welcome,
I'm going to do my best to maximize these 4.
Everything is on the table for a no holds barred photoperiod grow.
It's more fun when we're all in!

Thanks for dropping by.

We're growing:
a White Rhino - Greenhouse Seeds
a CBD Cream and Cheese - Seedsman
a Stankberry - Van Stank
a Stankberry x Blue Dream CBD - Humboldt Seeds + V. Stank

They are in living organic soil and keeping the microherd populated and well is my aim. I can vary the output of the @NextLight Mega now so the first pics you see have been under varying brightness to date. 18/6 light now. Today I bumped the intensity up to around 500 par at tops from around 400. They all live in a 4.5 x 4.5 foot tent. Teas and @Terpinator should do it.

White Rhino and cbd Cream and Cheese are ones I've grown before and really enjoy for their medicinal work. I'm hoping to create another favorite with the Stankberry x Blue Dream CBD. This is my first run of it so it's exciting to think that anything can happen and I might have a winner. And the Stankberry is just because we like it.

I can use your help, do feel free to address anything.

Woo Hoo!

Hi all, this grow went into the next phase today. I picked what I thought were the best ladies and put them in what looks like 4 gallon pots for a few weeks. While they're there I hope to grow roots for job 1. And job 2 is to find and choose the right branches to keep and which to lst into good position to flower out.

I've amended my soil with a Tbsp of epsom salts per pot to see if I can avert the magnesium def I've been seeing. Soil tweeking time! Hope I hit it! They also got a handful of llama poo compost mixed in each pot.

First I layed a layer of high N amendment on the bottom with the help of some water sprayed in the bottom of the pot.
Then Soil filled so the plant sits nicely with the top of the pot and a sprinkling of Mycorrhizal Fungi on it.

Then they go in and get backfilled lightly tamped.
I now have my 4 favorite plants getting to know the new soil. Here's the future.

Now they bask under between 550 and 600 PAR Of @NextLight Mega Magic!
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