Tardy To The Party: VG's Canuk Comparative Grow

Hello and welcome.

I've been sidetracked as of late. Life sure can be complicated.

My journal is incredibly late and for that I apologize. I still wanted to give Canuk some sort of journal,so we are going to speed run through veg and give better updates in flower.

I'll start with a little info...

The space is a 3.5 x5.5 closet with fans,charcoal scrubber,lights etc. for nutes, I'll be using Mega Crop and good 'ol Minnesota tap water. For pots, I'll be using 3 gallon GeoPots, filled with All-purpose ProMix. I won't be adjusting my pH.

Onto the chickies!

First up is G13.

Next up is Cement Shoes Elite


I dropped seeds into some pre-moistened ProMix on December 25th of 2023.

I'm trying some new sprouting cups. These former drinking cups are much sturdier than Solo cups and should last a very long time. They are slightly opaque,so I'll have to see how they do and if they need to be modified.
I drilled a single hole on the bottom, just big enough to stick my finger in so I can push them out later on.

The came up on January 5th of 2024.

This is through week 1.
Please pay no attention to the dates in the photos. I was doing some photo dumps on here occasionally .

I'll drop week two after I figure out where the pics are. They are either in my phone still or already here, on 420.

I'll try to post them every other day until I'm caught up.

Thank you @Canuk Seeds!
Sorry that I couldn't follow the rules exactly. I assure you that it couldn't be helped and that I'll do all I can to finish this out for y'all.
Beautiful young seedlings. 🍋
Thanks Keith.

And thanks for stopping by!
G13 lets gooooo ! :headbanger:
I hope it's as good as the legend says...
I’m in on this one :) looking good!!
Glad to see you.

It should be a shorter grow. My girls are pretty tall now and about a week or two into flower.

I'll get caught up here pretty quickly,especially now that I figured out that I must have erased a good portion of my pics by mistake.
Week #5

Lovely little ladies.

3.5 gr/gallon Mega Crop and aged tap per feeding. Since I'm in All-purpose ProMix,that is every time I water.

I did end up getting a little algae growing in their cups but as you will soon see, it didn't impact a thing.

Wake-n-bake !:passitleft:
Nice little stocky ladies 💪
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