VG's First Legal Grow: Growing The Za-Za Under The ViparSpectra KS3000 LED

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to my ViparSpectra KS3000 LED grow journal.
ViparSpectra reached out to me this spring to review their new KS3000 led light. Since I recently moved to a new residence ,I had to build out a new grow closet and found myself a light short so this was perfect.

Unfortunately, my life got really complicated and it prevented me from journaling my grow. I did however try the light out on a few clones during this time. It gave me a good idea what this light could do.
Life has settled down for me now and with Minnesota becoming the 23rd recreationally legal state as of August 1st, I thought that this is the perfect time to start my journal.

I'll start off with the light.
It came well packaged in a discreetly marked box. A definite plus for those in illegal states and countries.

Included are the ViparSpectra 320 watt LED light bar array, two rope hangers,a LiFud led driver (model# LF-EAA320-8900-56) with 10.4 ft power cable, one 5.9 ft power cord , two light hanging kits, one driver hanging kit and one 240v adapter. Also included are an operation manual and some ViparSpectra stickers.

ViparSpectra has made using this light a breeze. They have all the info you need to get started right on their website.

The ViparSpectra KS3000 is a 320 watt full spectrum LED light bar array that weighs just 7.9 lbs. Some growers may remember how hot and heavy the first LED arrays were. They used heavy fans, metal casings and a few large LED diodes.
These lights have lots of small diodes and a light weight aluminum body to keep the weight and heat down. No annoying fans to clean and service here.
In fact, the driver can be moved outside of your grow tent or closet to keep the main growing area as cool as possible.
This really helps in warmer climates.

The KS3000 has the ability to daisy chain up to 20 lights making it easy to keep all of your lights at the same power while only having to control one fixture. The driver has an incremental dimming feature that allows you to use the light at 25,50,75 and 100% power. Combined with the par map it makes it a snap to have your precious ladies at the correct par for every stage of their growth.

At just $299.99 it certainly won't break the bank and it has free returns.


The ViparSpectra KS3000 has a mixture of Samsung 3000k and 5000k LM301H energy efficient diodes as well as Osram 660 nm diodes making the perfect lighting conditions to nurture your ladies under from sprout until harvest.

Lighting specs for ViparSpectra KS3000 full spectrum LED
Actually draw:
320W ±3% at 120v

840 piece LEDs:
Samsung LM301H 3000k- 528 pieces
Samsung LM301H 5000k- 288 pieces
Osram 660nm- 24 pieces

Veg coverage at 24": 3x3

Flower coverage at 12": 3x3

Dimensions: 31.5"x31.5"x1.6"

Weight: 7.9 lbs

ViparSpectra has all your grow lighting needs on one easy to use site.
For those who need something slightly larger , check out their ViparSpectra KS5000 . It's perfect for a 4x4 space.

If you have any questions about the light, feel free to ask.

Now....on to the ladies.

This time I'll be growing Za-Za Og from @Herbies Seeds from my PotM prize and Hindsight from Twenty20 Mendocino seeds courtesy of @Justin Goody .

First, the Za-Za Og...

Perfect For: Lovers of Kush-Fueled Bliss
Purge all your troubles in a melting pot of euphoria
Forget about depression and stress
Medicate without getting tired or drowsy
Za-Za OG Smoke Review
If we were to suddenly lose all but one variety of cannabis in the world, many users would say, “Let that one be a Kush.” And Za-Za OG is a top-tier representative of this special weed family.

Za-Za OG Effect
As soon as you start puffing away, Za-Za OG will show you she means business. If you’re a novice smoker, stop and let the high settle in before taking another toke. This weed is gentle but super strong, so when you get to cloud nine, you may find out that you’ve lost all ability to function.

Smoke it in moderation, and Za-Za OG will be your best companion throughout the day. It’s widely used by medical patients, mostly for stress-related issues, anxiety, and depression, but also as a potent painkiller and muscle relaxant, or to help with ADD/ADHD and migraines.

  • Lineage: The Whip! x Wook Stomper
  • Type: Feminized Photoperiod, Hybrid
  • Filial Generation: F2
  • PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Below Average
  • Indoor Flower Time: 58-68 days
  • Outdoor Harvest Date: Mid Oct
  • Trellising Requirements: Minimal
  • Height/Stretch: Average indoors but very tall outdoors
  • Yield (per sf): High
  • Color: Green fades to plum purple when ripe
  • Nose: Earthy kush, pink bubblegum, fermented berries
  • Tips from the grower: She grows like a classic Indica; relatively short squatty plants with broad leaves and dense foliage
  • Bred by Twenty20 Mendocino, Originally released in F1 form as complimentary seeds, Hindsight has generated a lot of positive noise in the community. We have had numerous reports of it being an “all time favorite”. One of the few descendants of Wook Stomper, and one of several from The Whip!, Hindsight is a force to reckon with. A kush lover’s dream with a sprinkle of fermented fruit and bubblegum.
I dropped the seeds on the stroke of midnight on August 1st when Minnesota became legal for adult use recreational cannabis.
I soaked them in tap water with a few small squirts of H202. The H202 helps to hydrate seeds while killing any pathogens on the seed itself. By the time the seed actually sprouts most of the H202 will degrade into plain H20.

Here they are, pictured with a few other seeds that I dropped.

I'll start them all under this light but at some point I'll move everyone but the Za-Za and Hindsight to different grow spaces for flower. I also have two Wizard autos, also from @Justin Goody and some MAC V2 from my friend Buttercup.

It took about 24 hrs for the first seeds to crack and all others were cracked by hour 48.

Once cracked I put them into Solo cups filled with ProMix that I had previously hydrated and drained. They will sit in a warm, dark spot until they sprout.
Should be in just a few days.

Thanks to those following along!
I'll have an update shortly.
Awesome! And you know I’m pulling up a chair ☕
It is my honor to grow your magic beans.
Thanks again.
Lookin good VG
Thanks for checking out my grow,Roy.

Ya! Sure! You betcha!
Wouldn't be the same without you.:love:
Thank you I am going to enjoy this ride. :circle-of-love: :love:🍋
Welcome Keith!
Great to see you here.
Glad you could tag along.:rollit:
with Minnesota becoming the 23rd recreationally legal state as of August 1st,
Not that you were super stressed about it when you weren't legal, but one less thing to worry about is never a bad thing...
You know I'll be following along!
Not that you were super stressed about it when you weren't legal, but one less thing to worry about is never a bad thing...
You know I'll be following along!
There actually were times that I was really stressed about it.
Having children and knowing that the consequences for getting busted were steep. MN was formally a state that would have gotten CPS involved if the grow was discovered. Sometimes the children were removed from their parents.

That's all in the rearview now.

Glad to have you here Mr.C.:green_heart:
Greetings to the Missus.
I like the sound of the light VG, and the beans sound awesome too. Pulling up a chair :popcorn: Happy legal growing! Woohoo!
Glad to have you along

I got some great top shelf stuff the first flowering run with that light.
I expect the same or even better for this run.
Highya Jon.
That's for coming on by.
The first lil lady is up and there is another one on the way. She should be out by this evening.

Looks like both Wizard autos are going to be the first sprouts.
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