A ViparSpectra KS3000, GroBucket SIPs, & FN Fertilizer, Oh My - By Farside05

At the end of the day, whatever works for you works for you. Thanks! I also have no idea if my way is in any way “right,” lol. I just go with what works.

And works it does. Your plants always look lovely.
Day 44

Still continuing their upward climb. Hope that stops soon. Fed them the 10's. They need a gallon about every day and a half.

Day 47

Lights were off when I had to leave, so it's a dark picture. They're stretched a bit more and are filling space with buds. Should produce some missiles.

Day 48 pic with lights on. Fed them this AM. Back left has a couple bad leaves, but everyone else is happy with FN v4™ so far.

I'd take a couple of bad leaves among that mass of beauty! :Rasta:
Day 58

Front plants have perfect foliage, the backs have spots. Same strain, same feed. Biggest difference is the distance from the lights. I'm beginning to think that in the past, things I may have considered deficiencies are actually adverse reactions to too much light.

Day 93

Haven't been on here much. Had some personnel changes at work. Had an employee fired for sleeping on the job. He had prior warnings for the same. Here's the current status. They look like shit. FN Fertilizer v4™ is a failure in bloom. I didn't try to correct anything, just figured I'd see what the outcome was if I took them all the way to finish with it. 93 days is a long time for me usually with an auto. Pistils just started to recede and buds haven't firmed up well, at least yet. My conclusion is that 100 ppm of K is not enough despite the one research paper saying it is.

WOW, I've waited for you to update, What a great surprise! :thumb:
I'll likely be chopping these down on Monday. Next crop will be Apple Fritter photos.

Apple Fritter Cannabis Strain​

Apple Fritter Feminized Seeds are an exceptional 50% Indica hybrid boasting a high THC content ranging from 30% to 35%. Renowned for its potent and soothing high, this strain is the perfect choice for unwinding during tranquil afternoons or serene evenings as it induces a deeply relaxing and calming sensation. Apple Fritter is believed to be a result of breeding, combining Sour Apple and Animal Cookies to create a unique and delightful flavor profile with notes of sweetness, earthiness, and hints of vanilla. Cultivating these seeds is a rewarding and straightforward process. The Apple Fritter Seeds are suitable for newcomers and experienced cultivators. With a flowering time of approximately 45 to 55 days, yields both indoors and outdoors can be generous.
Finally got to harvest these girls. I'm lousy with product right now so I was pretty wasteful and only took colas and firmer nugs. The rest went in the bin.

6 hours of working in the lab today and I'm out of motivation. Maybe I'll start the next seeds tomorrow.
Congrats on the harvest but do you mean you threw out the rest of the buds? :eek:

Yep. Fluffy stuff that I usually retain for butter or hash found it's way in the trash.
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