1. 27/11/23


    Wedding Cake
  2. Absorber

    420's Canuk Seeds Comparative Grow By Absorber

    I will be doing 5 strains in this comparative grow for Canuk Seeds Acapulco Gold Fem , Green Crack Fem, Weeding Cake Fem, Cherry Pie Fem and Obi-Wan Kush Fem The details of each strain are in the following comments . I will be doing 4 strains in a flood and drain system controlled via a Bell...
  3. B

    BoohdahLovah's First SIP - Cereal Milk Clone - Grow Journal 2023

    Strain: Cereal Milk Clone Hybrid: 50/50. Supposed to be 18-22% THC. State: Veg Started: Been vegging for a little bit, planted in 5 gallon SIP today, which I’ll call day one Indoor Tent: Gorrila Grow Tent 2’x2.5’x5’11” Soil: Dr Greenthumb's TurboDirt water only (1st run) Pot Size: 5 Gal SIP...
  4. Absorber

    Absorber's Outdoor Stealth Grow

    Im going to be doing an outdoor stealth grow with 2 different strains, White Widow (thanks @NickHardy) and Gorilla Glue . You can see my camouflaged SIP 18ft up the tree one of them will be placed up there and another will be up another tree ( undecided what tree yet🙂) I have a cutting of the...
  5. Twalte

    Zkittz Quadline Grow With Self Watering Bases And UV/IR Lighting - In Coco Coir

    Welcome to week 1 and 2 of my first grow using these AC Infinity self-watering bases with coco coir. I will also be testing new UV/IR lighting with these plants. Comments and recommendations are welcome….I'm always looking to improve. I’ve used SIPs before (sub-irrigated planters), but these...
  6. T

    4x4 Adv Grow Tent 400w Earthbox Grow Journal 2023

    What strain is it? Humboldt seed company Strawberry Cheesecake Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica What percentages?70/30 Indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? Day 23 If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Indoor If indoor...Dimensions (L x W x...
  7. N

    Nick Hardy's Skunk Works #2 The Giant SIP Outdoor Soil: Thailand!

    Aww shucks. Mostly @Jon - your suggestion Its your fault So the SIP is nearly built and the seeds are in a bag. Title is self explanatory but build and strain deets to follow. This is a 120L SIP built out of a trash can that I’m going to veg on one balcony and flip by moving her to another...
  8. SIP DESPAIR.jpeg

    SIP DESPAIR.jpeg

  9. Do Si Dos Rocketas SIP 6 months Veg Maybe.jpeg

    Do Si Dos Rocketas SIP 6 months Veg Maybe.jpeg

  10. Strawberry Solo SIP Day #54 Flower Dynomyco above.jpeg

    Strawberry Solo SIP Day #54 Flower Dynomyco above.jpeg

  11. Strawberry Solo SIP Day #54 Flower Dynomyco Side.jpeg

    Strawberry Solo SIP Day #54 Flower Dynomyco Side.jpeg

  12. 20230612_075645.jpg


    SIP Bucket - 5G bucket with GroBucket SIP insert filled with FFHF soil amended with Geoflora and Dynomyco topped with DE - Ready for transplant
  13. Melville Hobbes

    A Devil In A Lemon Grove

    Happy Beltane! A great day to start my Summer grow journal! This year I'll be growing one photoperiod and 3 autos in soil. The girls will be started in my 60x120x200cm tent under my @ViparSpectra XS2000, and from there things get different. The photoperiod plant will be grown straight in the...
  14. Kanno26

    Kanno 26 Introduces ViparSpectra KS5000 And Grow 3x Mimosa EVO Together

    Hello everyone, welcome to my second sponsored journal. Where I will grow under @ViparSpectra KS5000 in 5x5. There will be 3x Mimosa EVO that started their growth under the XS1500 PRO where they were for three weeks and now they finally got to their new home. Two Mimosas will be in SIPs and...
  15. 818 pheno.JPG

    818 pheno.JPG

    818 Headband, Day 47 of Bloom - secondary phenotype 1 plant out of 5
  16. 818-47.JPG


    818 Headband, Day 47 of Bloom - primary phenotype
  17. Weffalo

    420BakeIt - Blueberry Muffins Ft SIP & KS5000

    Welcome all to my third journal and third grow. My 2nd grow has been a monumental success in comparison to my first, I think I'll struggle to pull off such an improvement with this one but lessons are always being learned so you never know. This grow I decided to change a few things up for...
  18. Kanno26

    ViparSpectra XS1500 PRO & Kanno 26 Reviews

    Welcome everyone to my first review. Where we will talk about @ViparSpectra XS1500 PRO and then what it is suitable for and especially how it grows under them, which in my opinion is the most important thing we will talk about ;)
  19. N

    Nick Hardy Spice Works #1 Wasabi SIP/Hydro LT

    OK, Something popped up today about Wasabi. Or maybe I actually have been thinking about it for a while. So I bought 200 OK looking Wasabi seeds for cheap, like $15 total. We have a space at the back of the house where its really shady and sheltered. Its the coolest area of the property by...
  20. Gee64

    Gee's Organics - Cloning for SIPS/Swick

    If you are using sub-irrigated planters, whether its a SIP, a SWICK, or any other bottom watering style, this is how I clone into a bottom watering atmosphere for minimal recovery time and maximum growth. I use living organic soil but this may work for synthetics too. FEB 1 - DAY 1 Here is our...
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