Autos Under A Mars Hydro FC 4800: Soilless & FN Fertilizer, By Farside05

We received the supplies to make our first batch of RO FN Fertilizer. Plan to make up a quart starter batch just to get the hang of it. Will let you know how it goes.
Might even do my first journal to show how they do. Gotta wrap up this grow first.
These will see the axe somewhere between Saturday and Tuesday when I'm off. Almond at all the leaves have fallen off at this point. Should be easy to trim.

Harvested the other 3 Blueberry Glues today. Had an opportunity to try some of the 1st plant that I harvested last week. Used the Arizer desktop vape. Holy shit. I didn't have that much to really comment on effects, but the flavor. Most strains never taste like they say too me. This really does taste like blueberries on the finish. The inhale and initial impressions are that of a blueberry flavored beer. Blueberries and a little yeast. About 45 seconds after exhale, a wash of blueberries comes rushing through your mouth. Even though it's basically just dried and not cured, it was very smooth with no urge to cough. I think I'm gonna like this.
The first seed broke ground on the new ladies. I'll probably create a new thread for that grow since I'll be doing something completely different (SIP buckets and Osmocote).

Didn't weigh things, but got 5 gallons worth of buds off the Blueberry Glues. Better than I had thought when trimming.

I'm moving on to a new grow and concept. See the NEW THREAD here.
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