7Dust2 Mars-Hydro Sponsored FC-E4800 Grow

This journal is to show case the Mars-Hydro FC-E-4800 . hobbyist grower, like myself and many other here on 420mag . @Mars Hydro asked me to show case the E Series light. To increase Yields and Growth.

I hope you enjoy this journal and convenience you to look into Mars Lights and other items they sell.. They are really on top of their game with technology and what growers needs are.

Ok. So. Let's get to the light..
Packaged very nicely. Well foamed to keep light safe from the shipping guys. .

I will be posting 3 times a week here. For the next few months. I'm currently in a middle of a grow now. But have 3 plants just added to the grow in the second week. So it will be good to see how my old light grew and this light on the difference.
I'm currently growing same plants.
Clones for past 6 months. So i know these plants well and I do all natural grow. No heavy chemicals.
But if you get a light from Mars and this journal helps you decide. Please tell them 7dust recommend you.

30-35 day veg .
60-79 day flowering period
12" to 18" tall

Galeto 33
The Great
The Spice
Phantom OG
Sirus Black
GodFather OG.

Any Questions please contact. @Mars Hydro or post here. And we will get you some answers best we can.





Got to do one thing for sure. Before dialing in the light . Turn the Mars hydro logo to front of the tent.. the lines are set for one length and want reach to other side to flip it. So I'm going have to point 4 point hang on it and adjust wires out of the way.

So we have bunch plants in tent. And trim day coming up. So. Light will get everywhere. Should it's bright for sure. Need a meter to test

Even camera likes it.
Lush plants and nice setup :high-five:
Going take time to show you some pics. Give some idea. This is. Basically four plants are in second stage of flowering.. over 35 days into. Rest are in early stage of flowering. So it should be a big difference in growing. One might just catch up with older one



You can tell late stag from frostyness lmao


You can tell all the tris covering the leaves and plants.


Ok going to pick one plant. Here. Mother Spice. I put her into flowering yesterday. Which was July 8th. Color starting to change now on flowering sites. So we can watch her grow. Mainly. With other picks also. Ofcourse. But to tell how this light does. We need to focus on one.. and others. Ofcourse . But this one we can tell how the plant reacts to the light. .
Mother Spice.
12" tall. From dirt.
No stretch at all.
Right out of veg. 30 days..
Here are specs on her .

Now I don't use alot of chems. Only thing use is natural things. Like firewood ash potassium. From bananas. Stick in jar wait five days and drain. . Simple really. But I do use calmag. Cause dirt I use doesn't have enough. . And that's it..
PH level I keep around 6.3
Heat around 88
RH around 45 stays pretty good besides rainy days then peaks about 62- 65 but falls quickly
I clone alot. And seed also for mother plants. Trade out mother plants after two grows .

30 day veg
60 -79 day flowering in most grows
Water pH 6.3
Chems added. calMag. Potassium . Cal mag religiously.
Fire wood ash. Very good N O2 Ca Mg Ba
Soil rocks for minerals.

Light FC-E4800 Mars Hydro
75% power at 14" to nearest plant . Until I dial it in

Count day 2. Start. I will post each week on her. And give side by side pic also.




Few more pics of her . I been holding on her for about 2 months . All clones come off her past 4 months.. thought about doing a bonsai tree out of her. Lmao. Clones of her and others they are about 30 days old now.



No worries thier are 5 tomato plants in that bunch also. And I haven't did my kill yet. I take out all bad clones . I don't like . Crappy ones .

And veg area

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