The Mars Hydro FC-E4800 Sponsored Grow Journal: 3 Classic Strains In Soil

Sorry folks, been fixing fences again, we had another freak storm hit us. It is now torrential rain and I had left the window down in the car, ooooops... all is well now and I'm done working , so I can start reporting replying again.. thanks for popping in, I appreciate it .
I will be doing an update in about 10 mins..

Hope all's growing well with you lot also, I will be checking in on your threads later..
hope you've all be good :p

Glad you all got a giggle out of the elephants Bum hole. :laugh:I would like to use the "A" word but I've got to set a good example;)
Hey that is how my dad taught me to fix a fence...sent me out in a storm with tools told me to go at it was very "shocking"
Mars Hydro FC-E4800 sponsored journal

Strains - Alcapulco Gold, Jack Herer and Northern light. All fem and photo
Light setting and height- Set at minimum @ 20 inches
Lux- 5400
Medium - Off the shelf compost. Young seedling mix, young plant mix and mature plant compost
Nutrients- Off the shelf, liquid organic fruit and vegetable feed
Grow space - 1 metre x 1metre x 2metre
Extraction - AC infinity T6 with smart controller + Carbon filter
Final pot size - To be confirmed
Temp - 23 (seedling tray)
Rh- 64
Water - Bottled mineral water

Howdy do folks, hope alls growing well on yourside..

Let's get straight to it! We have life above ground :yahoo:
Here is the Alcapulco gold (Venus)

And here is the Northern light (Aurora)

So the next step is sticking them under the @Mars Hydro FC-E4800 :cheesygrinsmiley:
But, with me being lazy, I wanted a way to have the seedlings at eye level and be able to adjust the height when needed, so I didn't have to bend down.
so, after a bong or 3, I came up with this idea:idea:

Camera tripod, adjustable seedling table

I took the mounting bracket off the bottom of the camera, drilled some screw holes in it and mounted it to a bit of scrap flooring I had lying about.

And Hey presto! We have an adjustable table

It's got a handle you can wind the post up and down with and the legs are telyskopik teliscopic tellyscop adjustable..
so, I've dialled them in at 20inches, 5450 lux. I will increase the lux a little bit every other day, until I get to around 7000 for the first week.
I will keep an eye out for stretchyness. I've got the heat mat set so It comes on when the lights go out, as I want to keep them between 22°C and 24°C.

The JH still hasn't popped, so I'm going to soak another 2 and see what happens..So that's it for tonight.
As always, i thank you all for your support.. really appreciate it..

Catch you on your side

Dude I know this is your old journal and all but I’m going to try that thank you sir :)
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