Mars Hydro Fc 6500 Grow

They sell tester kits now

All of the hydroponic stores in my area offer testing now. It is a great tool for pheno hunting and finding a champ. My next round I have 4 different plants from Ethos.

Cherry Gar See Ya, Blueberry Sunset, Candy Store and Orange Kush Cake.

Once this round of Pink Kush in the tent is finished that will be the next grow journal. I plan to keep a record of growth ease of cloning as well as THC test results and from there will determine what 2 of the 4 strains i will keep as a momma.

I’m 90% sure I saw one online but it was like $400, I’m actually on my way to my closest hydro store, but it’s over an hour away, and if I brought some bud in it might not go well, I’m in prohibition land lol
Here is my newest update and a little late this week do to having a ton of things on the go. Once again tagging my group of friends on here that like to follow along, @SmokeSara @r0am1ng st0ner @Stormblessed @The Dirty @Jack420 .

This is the beginning of week 6 flowering video. I have seen a lot of comments on the bud size of the plants for the current week of flowering they are in.

It is worth mention that from the day I flipped the light to 12/12 it took 2 weeks for the plants to actually start producing flowers and show signs of budding. If we where to be technical this would be actually the beginning of week 4 flowering.

The strain is Pink Kush 2.0 "Astro Pink" and this strain unlike many others I have grown does take a long time to really start flowering.

It will take the full 10 weeks to complete this round.

I have noticed a little CalMag deficiency and did a rinse to be 100% sure I was not starting to get a nutrient lock out.

I then watered the plants with a lighter strength nutrient feed and they are starting to bounce back and green up and look much happier.

This weeks pictures below. :thumb:

Pic 1.jpg

Pic 2.jpg
The girls r looking good as always, I’m still not sure when to start the “flower”counter lol when I flip or when I see bud lol

Technically I believe it is when you start to see flowers forming. There was zero flowers till after week 2 of 12/12 light and dark period.

This strain is super slow to really start fully flowering, the last strains i grew showed preflowers within a week.

This is the last round of the pink kush I will be doing, it is not an easy to clone strain and very finicky grower.

I would definitely say the pink kush is far from beginner friendly.

It does stack way better under LED light when compared to HPS lightning tho.
Let's get todays update started by tagging a few of my fellow 420 magazine friends @SmokeSara @r0am1ng st0ner @Stormblessed @The Dirty @Jack420

This is the beginning of week 7 since the lights where switched to 12/12. Technically from the first sign of preflowers this would be week 5. Tent size is a 5X5 for anyone wondering or asking.

The strain is Pink Kush 2.0 and this is a 9-10 week strain to flower. Everything is being feed Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur with their master growers programs. The plants are now really starting to pack on some nice buds and I have been giving them some extra Cal/Mag do to them showing small signs of deficiencies in the leaves.

Humidity is being held in check at 50% and temps are controlled at 82 Fahrenheit/ 28 celsius.

No real issues to report and everything is moving along as planned. My verdict on this new Mars Hydro light so far is that it has been absolutely flawless.

Some pictures from this week as well.


September 28th Pink Kush Picture 1.jpg

September 28th Pink Kush Picture  3.jpg

September 28th Pink Kush Picture 2.jpg
I run a carbon filter on my intake into the tent and my exhaust is also treated with a carbon filter then right out my old chimney stack that is no longer in use. Honestly can not smell anything in the house. Still technically 3-4 more weeks of flowering to go here. Harvest will be in either the 3rd or 4th week of October. My outside girl will be harvested in 2 weeks and she is massive. Inside the tent smells heavenly tho.
Last night while watering the girls I was blown away by just how fast and big they have grown in the last 3 days since posting my update on Monday.

This light definitely kicks ass. The next 4 weeks should be very interesting. :)

September 30th Pink Kush.jpg
This is the beginning of week 8 since flipping the Mars Hydro Fc 6500 to 12/12. Tagging my friends @SmokeSara @r0am1ng st0ner @Stormblessed @The Dirty @Jack420

3 more weeks to go and it will then be time to harvest these beautiful Pink Kush.

No real issues to report plants still showing a little bit of CalMag deficiencies, but every watering they get some CalMag added into their feeding program.

This light has been absolutely amazing and I am very excited to grow some other genetics under it when this crop is completed.

This weeks pictures below. :thumb:

October 5th Flowering Week 8 Pic 1.jpg

October 5th Flowering Week 8 Pic 2.jpg

October 5th Flowering Week 8 Pic 3.jpg
Man lookin good mine bulking up fast also I’m almost to the finish line

Here to as well Jack just 2 more weeks of food and then I will start my rinse! This is my favorite weeks in the grow where you can really start to see just how well the plants, the light and the nutrients have worked.

I have zero clue what this is going to yield but I would imagine it is going to be a heavy producing crop of extremely nice herb.

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