Another Stab At An Auto: A Zkittles In My Veg Tent


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Ok so here we go, my first 2 autos didn’t end well, never made it to flower, and I think they were photos anyway, I have a clone still kicking around just not sure what it’s gonna do, so I wanted to give autos another try, since I have the beans already, 25 days ago I planted a zkittles seed right into a 5gal fabric pot with ff happy frog soil and a few day’s later she was above ground, I just watered for a week or so and have been watering and feeding with the rest of my vegging girls, today I did a little lst so figured it was a good time to start a journal, the lights r a couple blurple I have for veg till I can upgrade, but I have het right under one of them, it is “1000” watt equivalent, it pulls like 185w from the wall and the other pulls like 100w, temps stay between 68-73 and I’m using gh 3 part with a couple extras, it’s my first time using soil so it’s kinda a learning curve with watering and feeding, I’ve used DWC up to this point and still mostly do, here’s a few pictures of her today
Everything is looking up and up, pointing in the correct direction


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First shot is her home, kinda crowded at the moment, only another week till most of them move to the flower tent, and sorry bout the blurple lol and here she is after a little trim, she looks to have started flower about a week ago, she is in the middle of the crowd :ganjamon:
Here is a quick picture update, I put one of my ts600 in the veg tent with her, it’s a little easier on the eyes, here she is with her room mates, the 4 on the right r 3 chem 91 clones and a gorilla glue clone, I have had a bad run on germing seeds so luckily I had a few clones I hadn’t gotten rid of yet, I think it’s the new 1in rockwool cubes I got, the last 6 seeds have cracked and started to sprout but as soon as I put them in the rock wool they just stop, I ordered some rapid rooters to see it that’s the issue
So I thought I was overwatering her and haven’t watered of feed in about a week, I’m not sure what I did but she isn’t happy with me lol any suggestions would b greatly appreciated
I would flush and start back feeding half strength, autos don’t handle stress as well as photos. I lst and top my autos but that’s all before day 21. Your plant looks decent I just recommend a little less stress on the autos. Happy growing
Thanks for the input, I did do a flush and she seemed to take well to it, I was just gonna start the final water only but I forgot and fed her a couple days ago, she is about week 6-7 into flower
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