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After my run in with the wife and local constabulary I am back........fortunately so is the wife who had some kind of breakdown as a result of her dads death...

Started off with 5 Royal Cookies automatic seeds from RQS.
Germination in Rootit cubes with Phd RO water and Canna Rhizotonoic and Canna Starter nutes
3 out of 5 germinated and were placed under a low power/microgrow Quantum Board
Now been moved into a 2m high 1.2m x 60cm grow tent in a DWC 100l tank
Now under a double quantum board 240w ish 3500k with strips of far reds
Using Dutch Pro Autoflower nutes at recommended dose plus some Cann Calmag
I am spraying with Plant magic foliar spay once a week
PH is around 5.9 EC 1.7 (2 cheap PH/EC meters in the tank and taking an average)
Temps around 22-26 degrees C
Humidity around 55%

We are a couple of weeks into veg and one of the three is doing well with 1 middling and the other showing lots of nute issues in leaves.
Given that they are all in the same tank ...seems to indicate to me that different genetics is affecting them quite remarkably as the best is 3-4 times bigger and a lot healthier than the third largest despite same conditions.








Chopped the third plant that was not doing so well.

The biggest plant has easily tripled in size/weight in a week.
Still on grow nutes at around 1.8 EC 5.9 ish ph
Topped up the 80-100l tank
When we go into flower I will completely change the tank and switch to bloom nutes.
Assuming successful this will mean I have only had to change the tank once for the entire grow, with top ups imbetween


Changed the tank for the first time since they went in the 100l tank. Root balls look fantastic.
Decided to defoliate quite drastically in one go, as a one off.
A new 60w Quantum Board is on the way to give me some more light on the left hand side. 4000k with far reds (will do for veg and seedlings too)
When that arrives in a couple of days, these two plants wil lbe sitting under 2 60w QBs and a double 240W QB.
Swapped to Dutch Pro Auto Hydro Bloom nutes
Added Dutch Pro Explode and Cannazym
5.8 ph EC 1.9 ish
Temps running about 22 degrees C
humidity was around 70 mid canopy but will be a lot less now its been defoliated.
I have some signs of clawing / heat stress some leaves showing the odd spot or other nute issues but I am not sweating them.

So far this has been an easy low input grow with me leaving it for days on end.
Moved lights up a bit and added a second QB65 (this one is 4000k 65 watts)

I think upper leaves were suffering from light stress/wind burn/heat and/or from the defoliation.

Looking better now

Still on 24hr light (cycle)

Added a UVB light 20W on a timer 15 mins on 4 times in a 24hr. Will up to 15 mins 8 times 24 hr in a couple of weeks as we near the end of flowering (assuming I haven't fried them to buggery by then.)
Chopped today. Looks like a nice harvest from 2 plants. Found a handful of 1 cm long 2mm thick red worms in the roots. Last week or so i have seen to odd fly in the open tent so after a bit of research I think something has laid some eggs on the exposed roots when the water level dropped.

Will be tidying up the crop as they dry because I have essentially just hung them up quickly in a ventilated dark room.

These have been a care free grow
Reckon I have between 8 and 10 ozs of dry bud out of the two plants. Which will take me at least a few days to smoke.....
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