Hello Everyone! It has been forever since I've kept a journal here on 420 Magazine. I've had a lot going on in my life the last 6 months but finally it's time to start another journal. This should be a fun one for everyone as it involves making feminized S1 seeds from a Golden Tiger female plant. With the price of seeds going through the roof this is an invaluable skill to learn. There is a caveat here that it is not always a success when attempting to reverse a plant but I will show you step by step how I personally do it and have had very good success. So let's get going and make some seeds and some nice flowers. Here are the details of this grow.

The three plants being grown in this journal are fully vegged. The plant I am reversing I have been treating with colloidal silver for 6 days. This journal has bypassed the germination, seedling stage, and the vegging stages. Tonight I reset the timer and the flowering cycle starts tomorrow.


Three strains will be grown during this journal.
1. Golden Tiger
2. Granddaddy Purple
3. Divinity Remix

Non Sponsored Nutrients

Grow Tent
4' x 4' x 80" Mars Hydro Tent
Mars Hydro 4x4 Grow Tent - 48"X48"X80"(120X120X200cm)

Grow Light
Model FC-6500 Mars Hydro Light
Mars Hydro FC-E6500 BridgeLux 730W Commercial LED Grow Light

Air Circulation and Purification
6" Inline fan and Carbon Filter Combo with Thermostat Controller from Mars Hydro
Mars Hydro 6 Inch Inline Fan And Carbon Filter Combo With Thermostat Controller

Growing Medium
Pro Mix BX with extra added Perlite I run a 3:1 ratio of Pro Mix to Perlite. Three quarts of Pro Mix + one quart of Perlite = 1 gallon medium

Soil Inoculants
DYNOMYCO 26.05oz / 750g - Treats up to 150 plants!

Soil Activator
Earth Alive Microbial
Let's start this second post with a photo I took just this morning. In the front of the tent is the Golden Tiger plant. In the back left is the Granddaddy Purple plant, and finally in the back right is the Divinity Remix plant. They don't know it yet but tomorrow they'll be switched to 12/12 lighting. I do want to mention here that the FC-6500 paired with the @Mars Hydro 4' x 4' tent is a PERFECT combination. The light fits beautifully inside the tent providing tremendous coverage. The thing I love most about these FC series lights (and others as well) is that the driver is outside the tent greatly reducing the amount of heat in the tent.

Here are the girls.
Nice clean setup! I've been wanting to follow some pollination journals. Forgive my ignorance, how are you treating them with colloidal silver? I was under the impression that the pollen was treated with the CS to feminize. I obviously have to start reading on the subject.
I want to start this post by saying I very much appreciate my one follower and hope you stick with me till the end. That said let's talk about how to make feminized S1 seeds. I do want to state as I always do that this method is how I do this, there are other methods that work as well, maybe some that work better and some that work worse. This is just how I do it and I have had good success so far. Let's start with the colloidal silver I use.

colloidal silver.jpg

I purchase this on Amazon for around $25.00 for a 16oz. bottle. You can reverse a lot of plants with 16oz if you brush it on as I do instead of spraying it on. Next I will show some photos of how I apply the CS and explain my method a bit more.
For those of you who have grown a male plant out for pollen or reversed a female plant to make pollen you know that you don't need a whole bunch of pollen sacks to make a whole bunch of seeds. For that reason I only treat a single branch on a plant and it's always a branch down near the bottom of the plant. The first thing I do when I decide which branch to treat is to put a flourescent pipe cleaner on the stem of one of the leaves to identify it so I treat the same branch every time. I start at the very base of the branch where it joins the main stalk of the plant. Notice the bright yellow pipe cleaner. Also, note the color of the branch I'm treating compared to al the other branches. The treated branch is a solid dark brown color with no stripes. I have been treating this branch now for 7 days with the CS.
The key is to take your time, be patient, and brush the CS onto every part of the branch and leaf stems but not the leaves. When you get to the very tip end of the branch you will be forced to hit the leaves a bit to be thorough and that's okay but moving up the branch try not to get the CS on the leaves themselves just the stems.

The end or tip of the branch is a very busy place and also where you want to brush on a lot of the colloidal silver. I try and brush it on to every little side shoots starting to form, I hit all the leaf stems and of course the main part of the branch. In this area you cannot help but get a little CS on the leaves so don't fret it. Make sure you apply it to all the branch and stem parts you can hit.
Before you get started with a project like this there is something you need to consider. Reversing a plant with colloidal silver takes on average about 30 days of daily treatments. I am retired and have the ability to treat the plants 2X a day if I want and if I miss a morning treatment I can make it up in the PM right before lights out. The two optimum times to treat the plant is right as the lights come on and 5 minutes before the lights go out. I treat the plants in the PM right before lights out at a minimum. Treatments when the lights come on is extra and I do this 10-15 times during the process.

I snapped a photo this morning of the Golden Tiger plant. She has an exceptional root system thanks to the @DYNOMYCO I mixed in to her final 10 gallon fabric pot. I've used a number of inoculants in the past and find the DYNOMYCO to be of exceptionally high quality.

Here is a family shot taken this morning. I very much like the quality of the @Mars Hydro 4x4 tent and especially like the two side doors which enable me to get to the two plants in the back of the tent behind the Golden Tiger. I can rotate them and water them from the side doors.
Good stuff, beez! You make it look fairly straight forward.

So you start in veg by painting a stem once or twice a day and flip the light cycle on day 9 or 10 is that right?
And you carry on painting that stem to a total of 30 days and you expect male flowers within 10 days of stopping if I read that correctly?

You’ve obviously done this quite a bit. I just wonder about the safety of ingesting any part of the plant you’ve treated after pollen is collected. Is this why you only treat part of the plant, because you want to harvest the rest later?
Sorry if I’m getting ahead of things, beez. You’re probably going to pollinate the rest of the plant and run it out for the seeds.
I just wanted to raise a concern on the safety side of things so you’re all clear for future readers :high-five:
Hi @DonkeyDick you're right I would have addressed the safety of the Colloidal Silver. It's one of those topics often discussed with different opinions. So since this is my thread I'm going to share my opinion. :D

So I actually only treat one branch at the bottom of the plant because that's all it takes to make a ton of seeds. There are a couple reasons I apply the colloidal silver with a brush instead of spraying it on. First is because I'm cheap, I use a lot less brushing it on. Second is by brushing it on I'm only getting it on the one branch, there is no collateral overspray getting on to other branches it's confined just to the treated branch.

I did quite a bit of research on the safety of colloidal silver and found that it's sold in a lot of health food stores as a liquid tincture. Personally, I don't want to ingest it or inhale it as it's just not worth taking a chance with your health. The treated branch is disposed of once the pollen is collected. In my opinion the rest of the plant is perfectly safe for consumption in any manner you like......smoking, vaping, edibles, oils, butter etc. Just say no to the treated branch or branches.
So you start in veg by painting a stem once or twice a day and flip the light cycle on day 9 or 10 is that right?
And you carry on painting that stem to a total of 30 days and you expect male flowers within 10 days of stopping if I read that correctly?
Generally I start treating the selected part of the plant 7-10 prior to flipping it into flowering. This applies only to photo plants and not autos. So say I start 7 days prior to flipping at around day 23 post flip you could see female pollen sacks appearing on the treated branch. I generally see them towards the bottom of the branch first and once I see the pollen sacks I quit treating that part of the branch but continue treating parts where I see no pollen sacks forming. Hope that answers your question.
I have been diligently applying the colloidal silver so far twice a day when the light comes on and right before it goes off. It is never guaranteed you will be successful reversing a plant and because of that it is always exciting when you see those first pollen sacks forming. I took a couple photos this morning of all the plants. I think they are looking nice. The Mars Hydro light beautifully fills the tent with a wide spectrum of light how can they not grow. ;) Hope you enjoy them.

Very interesting stuff over here, I’ve never reversed a plant myself but I’ve already learned a bunch just reading the first few posts! Subbed in to watch the rest of the grow.
Very interesting stuff over here, I’ve never reversed a plant myself but I’ve already learned a bunch just reading the first few posts! Subbed in to watch the rest of the grow.
Good to have you here @N420 Let's hope now that the reversal is successful.
I thought it time for an update. All the plants were watered and fed yesterday and it made them very happy. I continue to treat the Golden Tiger branch with colloidal silver twice a day at light on and right before lights off. I've run into a bit of a dilemma. The @Mars Hydro FC-6500 light is doing such an amazing job I was forced to move it as high up towards the top of the tent as I could leaving me no room above it for the fan or filter.

Tell me if you think this is a good idea. I'm thinking of setting the filter on end on the floor of the tent and running the drier hose up along the inside of the tent to one of the side openings and out of the tent. Then up onto the top of the tent where I will have the exhaust fan mounted onto a piece of 1x6 pine so it can set on top of the tent. Hope that made sense.

Here are a few family photos from this morning. The girls are getting BIG. And just look at that beautiful light in the last photo! It's running on just under 50% of full strength right now. Not sure I'll increase it much but we'll see how it goes.

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