seed making

  1. beez0404

    Beez Makes Seeds! Mars Hydro Sponsored Grow: 4x4 Tent, FC-6500 Light & Fan Kit

    Hello Everyone! It has been forever since I've kept a journal here on 420 Magazine. I've had a lot going on in my life the last 6 months but finally it's time to start another journal. This should be a fun one for everyone as it involves making feminized S1 seeds from a Golden Tiger female...
  2. T

    Autoflower Soil - Dinafem Critical+ & Killer Kush - Colloidal Silver Seed Run

    Hello and welcome to my first real grow journal :Namaste: I hope you stick around to see my triumphs and failures in this very experimental grow. I will be running four plants at the end of this grow, two treated with colloidal silver to cause them to express male sex traits and produce...
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