1. 7Dust2

    7Dust2 Mars-Hydro Sponsored FC-E4800 Grow

    This journal is to show case the Mars-Hydro FC-E-4800 . hobbyist grower, like myself and many other here on 420mag . @Mars Hydro asked me to show case the E Series light. To increase Yields and Growth. I hope you enjoy this journal and convenience you to look into Mars Lights and other items...
  2. S

    Too much light, how to fix?

    So she was perfectly healthy, infact very leafy and bushy having been mainline and manifold. Admittedly, stupidly, I lowered the light for 8 hours while a slept to try entice more growth and I woke up to disaster- see pics. Other than the light issue the environment is goooood as she was...
  3. D

    Light repair/upgrade?

    Picked up a used Exlenvce exe 1200 tw grow light. Partially functioning when acquired. The veg was very light but bloom function seemed fairly good working. Pulled it apart, cleaned it up, hooked it back up and now the bloom function pulses no change from veg option. Noticed some diodes burned...
  4. J

    Is this light burn?

    Hello, I am new here and was hoping to get some good info from the community! I have quite a few taho OG females in my closet, some are taller than others. I noticed on 1 in every 25 fan leaves are looking sorta like the attached photo below. Could this be light burn? I've had these plants on...
  5. OGeMann

    Leaf discoloration

    Problem: leaf discoloration Medium/grow method: soil- mix with fox farm ocean forest/fox farm happy frog. Added lime with soil mix Feed: and supplements used: formula II (bud and bloom) from a local fertilizer company water source: drip emitters , hand watering. Drain to waste PH in the...
  6. M

    Increase HPS wattage in flower?

    Hi guys, i have 4 plants in a 120cmx120cmx200cm tent, currently under 1000w de HPs currently dimmed to 700w. Its a dimlux light with xtreme built in ballast and is fine to dim according to dimlux.Temps are around 26 and as its extremely cold where i am it sometimes goes low as 23 lights on...
  7. hazeluv69

    My HPS smelt of smoke and turned off? Euro reflector wiring burnt?

    Hey I’ve got a 600w digital ballast with a 600 boost lamp & it just started smelling and turntable off, purchased numerous bulbs they just flash and don’t come on and now realised the euro reflected has a burnt out wire? How could this have been caused and does this mean I just have to buy a new...
  8. A

    Need help deciding what light to use

    Hey guys it’s gonna be my first time growing autos and I’m only using a small tent. 80x80x160cm, I’m planning to put 4 autos in there and I’m wondering what light to use. Either 600w which pulls 265 actual wattage or 900w which pulls around 410 actual wattage. The 600w has a flowering coverage...
  9. C

    QB: Samsung LM301b V2 3000K

    Hello guys, I am thinking about upgrading from my HPS 600W light to Samsung LM301b V2 QB lights (3x120W). Is this light good for growth and flower cycle? Or do I need to modify it in any way? Like, add some LED light with grow light spectrum, etc...? I really new in growing weed. So I am a...
  10. V

    Newbie planning on building micro nano grow box

    Hello guys, I'm newbie here, I've read a lot of stuff about growing. And decided to test it by myself. The only problem I have is space... So I want to make it stealthy as possible (quiet, no smell, easy to access) and as cheap as possible. I'm planning on using 30x35x75 cm box (1'x1'x2,5' ?)...
  11. R

    Yield and harvesting help needed!

    Hello I have 7 autoflowers growing right now and have harvested and smoked 1 plant so far! My first plant that I harvested was afghan mass and it yielded 19.8 grams. I was pretty dissapointed with this yield (I know I'm still learning so the yield was to be expected) but this is the main reason...
  12. E

    How many of these lamps should I use?

    Hey guys, I'm kinda new at growing and I'm setting up a small conteiner on which I intend to put two plants. The space is only like 2 square foot and I'm trying to understand how many of these lights I should put in there. Any info is kindly appreciated, this is an idea that I had for a long...
  13. photo_2020-03-28_23-11-10.jpg


    Outside growing medium darkness light amount
  14. briartoadvine

    First time grower

    hello. i'm a first-time grower. four days ago, i purchased an afghan kush clone. my plan is to grow outdoors. i have many questions, but the one i most need an answer to right now deals with choosing a location to plant/place the clone. what effects, if any, do street lights have on the natural...
  15. Gorilla Glue

    Gorilla Glue

    LST to maximize light & airflow
  16. B

    Iron deficiency? Light bleaching? Please help!

    Critical Purple Autoflower from GCS SOIL: fox farm ocean forest LIGHT: 600W LED & 100W CFL 3 Gal. pot Running continuous 20/4 light sched. Sprout broke soil on Jan. 10 so seedling is 1 week old at this point. Also this is my first grow so forgive me if I’m missing anything.... So from doing...
  17. S

    Better light?

    Hello I am going to be buying a new light in next few month or so and have been looking. I was wanting to know your guys take on these 2 lights; - Cree CXB 3590 LED COB Grow Light 120 Watts and - Mars Hydro TSW2000. My tent is 80cm x 80cm or 2.6' x 2.6'. I aim for best gram per watt, both...
  18. DarionOzb

    Is My Plant Okay?

    Hi Guys! Im a new grower and I recently changed my light sched to 12/12 to start flowering. I turned them off for 36 hours on Nov 30th and turned them back on to begin the cycle on Dec 2nd. Im noticing that the plants havent rly grown or changed very much since the new light schedule, and I...
  19. BB0420

    Qb96Elites build

    Hello all I have just finished building my light. It’s (6) QB96Elites ran off of (3) HLG-320H-54A drivers wired in parallel. Wow these lights are super bright picture doesn’t do it justice. I can tell these are going to be way better than my (2) viparspectra 1200watt lights. I kind of just got...
  20. 20190912_113710.jpg


    Viparspectra Reflector series 1200W LED and AC Infinity Cloudline T6 6" exhaust fan
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