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  1. B

    Iron deficiency? Light bleaching? Please help!

    Critical Purple Autoflower from GCS SOIL: fox farm ocean forest LIGHT: 600W LED & 100W CFL 3 Gal. pot Running continuous 20/4 light sched. Sprout broke soil on Jan. 10 so seedling is 1 week old at this point. Also this is my first grow so forgive me if I’m missing anything.... So from doing...
  2. S

    Better light?

    Hello I am going to be buying a new light in next few month or so and have been looking. I was wanting to know your guys take on these 2 lights; - Cree CXB 3590 LED COB Grow Light 120 Watts and - Mars Hydro TSW2000. My tent is 80cm x 80cm or 2.6' x 2.6'. I aim for best gram per watt, both...
  3. DarionOzb

    Is My Plant Okay?

    Hi Guys! Im a new grower and I recently changed my light sched to 12/12 to start flowering. I turned them off for 36 hours on Nov 30th and turned them back on to begin the cycle on Dec 2nd. Im noticing that the plants havent rly grown or changed very much since the new light schedule, and I...
  4. BB0420

    Qb96Elites build

    Hello all I have just finished building my light. It’s (6) QB96Elites ran off of (3) HLG-320H-54A drivers wired in parallel. Wow these lights are super bright picture doesn’t do it justice. I can tell these are going to be way better than my (2) viparspectra 1200watt lights. I kind of just got...
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    Viparspectra Reflector series 1200W LED and AC Infinity Cloudline T6 6" exhaust fan
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    Lights on
  7. J

    Mars-Hydro description of their lights

    Hi, so I recently bought mars hydro pro II 320 1600w (I know its not 1600w) Also I have socket that counts energy output and even when on mars-hydro page they advertise Draw Power:110V: 740W±5% 220V: 721W±5% Real draw power is 540w. I tried it right after first turn on of led light so there...
  8. AdaminCO

    6/2 Lighting?

    https://www.maximumyield.com/try-this-highly-recommended-cannabis-lighting-schedule/2/4927 This is a new one for me. Has anyone heard of this schedule? What’s everyone’s thoughts?
  9. First bud site, NLA

    First bud site, NLA

    Northern Lights Auto, first cannabis grow, first budsite - very early.
  10. M

    Used equipment, is it safe?

    First time using HID lighting. Just picked up a reflector, 600w MH lamp, and Apollo 600 ballast to replace my T5 setup. Hooked it all up, fired the light with no issue. On closer inspection, the ballast (model # uhps-d600) doesnt specifically say it can run MH lamps. Ballast is making a high...
  11. D

    CFL or LED?

    Hi, this is the first time that i grow cannabis. I have three plants that are 4 weeks old and i want to put them into flowering stage soon. They are currently sitting under a 200 watt LED grow light. The grow light itself is pretty small and I don't know if it will be able to cover all the...
  12. C

    Help with wiring ballast and light

    What's up everyone i"'m just in the middle of setting up my second tent, I got a 600w hps with reflector and ballast but no wireing. Is this normal? In Ireland light kits always came with wires. The last time I bought a whole grow tent with lights etc the wires came. This grow shop does not sell...
  13. M

    In the market for full spectrum LEDs or CMH

    Been in the hobby for about 5 years. Always had a digital ballast (iPower 1000, Apollo 600) Ushio, Hortilux Bulbs; along with 4-4ft T5 for early Veg. But I'm in need of an Upgrade and have been super impressed with Top Shelf Full Spectrum L.E.D.'s as well as the new Ceramic Metal Halide's. i.e...
  14. Ydro93

    Pls Help! Not sure what type of light to use

    Good evening 420 community! Recently one of my bulbs went out I have a lot of spares here at home but I’m not sure if they are what my girls need. Currently my plants are in veg stage i planted the seedlings in sept 30. I will post a picture of the light bulbs I have at home. I appreciate any...
  15. D

    Do I have enough light to grow 3, 3 gallon plants?

    I got these but I also have 2, 45 watt 3600 lumen white led bar lights I could add to it.
  16. R

    Two LED lights in 5x5?

    I will be growing in a 5x5 Secret Jardin Dark Room Since I can't get the VIPARSPECTRA TC1350 1350W shipped to my location, I was wondering if I should get two VIPARSPECTRA V600 LED lights in my 5x5? Or is there any other solution you recommend? Two lamps but smaller? Two lamps but bigger? I...
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    Lighting set up
  18. J

    Advice on LED light upgrade

    Hi, This is my first grow and initially looking on light wattage found this led lamp which sounded OK for my grow area (it seemed to be a sort of viparspectra clone) My thinking was: I have a 80x80X160cm - more or less 0.64 square meters / 7 square foot. calculating between 50-70w per sq feet...
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    Fitzgerald 28w T8 lamp
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    Fitzgerald 28w T8 lamp
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