Nicky Goes To Mars: Test Of Mars Hydro FC4800 & Mars Tent

That’s a tent full of beauty that I can smell through my phone.

Cheers, mate. Unfortunately I have no idea how they smell due to my non functioning Covid nose. :rolleyes: They're plenty full of stickiness, though :)
So, two of the girls went down; Red Hot Cookies and Mimosa x Orange Punch. They look fantastic! Both plants have long internodal distances and the buds are all fat, dense, and packed with trichomes.
Here's the Mimosa x Orange Punch:

Mimosa x Orange Punch - Day 108 - Harvest - 8.jpg

Mimosa x Orange Punch - Day 108 - Harvest - 9.jpg

Mimosa x Orange Punch - Day 108 - Harvest - 28.jpg
Wow those ladies are centerfold stars! Seriously though, when I first started getting into growing I would buy hard copy magazines that were available in my area and these are as good or better as any centerfold I saw. Well done!
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