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Canadian Legal Grow - LP Genetics From Seed - Organic Soil - Sensi Star 2017


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A little background first. This is my lovely wife's grow i am merely chronicling it as there are very few grow reports for Canadian LP Genetics. She has dealt with PTSD for several years, with the main complaint now being insomnia. At the beginning of February of this year she applied for a grow, just over 5 months later the certificate showed up in the mail. She will be purchasing seeds From CannTrust. Friday July 21st. the ACMPR registration was faxed to CannTrust. As she is already a client, getting registered for starting materials through them should not take too long.

So here`s what she is going to be working with:

Sensi Star 90% Indica 10% Sativa 3 regular seeds

MarsHydro 27"x27"x63"
Fusion Breath 4"
1 Sungrow 150 HPS,
4-6 50 watt DIY IC 110v Smart LED cobs
Coco Coir
Worm castings
Shrimp compost
Gaia Green 4-4-4 2 1/2 cups
Gaia Green 2-8-4 2 1/2 cups
4.5 Gallon plastic mesh pond planter with fabric planting bag inside

Soil was mixed about a month ago and she didn't make note of the exact amounts but they are listed in order of composition with a total of about 80 liters.

So now we wait some more:)


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So a quick update. July 21st faxed Canntrust the registration certificate. On July 26th phoned to get an idea of the timeline, they said they didn't have the fax. Was told I could send a email with a photo of it. July 27th sent email 1hr later got confirmation ordered today July 28th. seeds to arrive Monday July 31st.


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So I've got good news and bad news. Good news, number 2 and three are both visible. Bad news, Number 2 is stalled with the cotyledons still closed has been like this for three days. Because she now only has two regular seeds the wife has decided to flower early and hopefully take some clones once sex is determined. From what we've read they will not be able to start to flower till the third week at the earliest so she is keeping the lights on for 24 hrs for the next couple weeks.

Two more 23w CFLs were added and the seedlings moved up within an inch of them.

#3 day 1

#2 day 1

#2 day 3

#1 day 6

#3 day 4


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So we need to get them out of that starer mix, it is terrible. Water ph going in was 7.5 coming out didnt register on the strips so well below 5.5. She was worried the soil she mixed might be a little hot but it cant be worse than having them in this garbage. Hopefully she gets them in their forever home tonight.

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