Gods Green Crack & Red Monster By Suntana


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Hello my friends!
Strains: I will be growing Gods green Crack and Red Monster.
Gods green crack developed by Jordan of the islands in BC Canada. This strain is very potent. and is good for stress, anxiety, depression, relaxation, pain and sleep, it was designed to lighten up the heavy indica effects from God bud, both strains are known to turn purple in colours when fully mature.
A very unique taste and smell from any other grass I've grown.

Not my grow!
Red Monster was developed from the Tropical seed company, there is absolute no information I could find on this strain, they were freebies, so it's a mystery. The seed company crosses mostly Pakistan Chitral kush strain. I'm hoping it will be much the same as Red Afro. I grew a strain from the called smooth smoke from them, very colourful but a light weight.
Here is what Red Afro looks like.

Red Monster certainly would make for a beautiful plant if it is related.
Grow medium: will be coco coir w/10% perlite.
Nutrients: AN Jungle Juice Coco and Big bud coco with some additives.
Lights: 2 1000w HPS
H20: Reverse Osmosis
System: Drain to waste, hand watered.
As some of you already know I have MS, so the usual goal here is to make it to the finish, at times I don't do so well. So far I am doing pretty good and able to crawl around in there pretty efficiently.
I've met a lot of great folks here in a short amount of time, they become like family .
Things will be starting off kind of slow, so feel free to join my current grow, lots of good people there.
Thc Biomed Clones Kelowna B.C.

Thc Biomed Clones Kelowna B.C.

Beans have just been started in water for the night, then over to paper towel.
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The indica Doms that ive grown so far won't take much nitrogen but the Chitral Kush x Erdpurt took nutes well.
re: Gods Green Crack & Red Monster By Suntana

Man alive PW, you are one fast super grower, you have stealth moves getting here first. When PW is here, it's all good times.

Hi Sun, I'm gonna grab the seat next to PW, so he can explain your ninja growing moves to me...;)

Now that I know you better, I'm able to remember your advice. I'm here with my glasses on.
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Subbed. I've tried God's green crack shatter and it was very good. Never heard of red monster. Looking forward to checking out some photos
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Glad to have pat999, keep us on our toes lol. Good to see you too Toast and Neil. Some new folks I haven't met as well, but I will.

Thanks to all.
On their toes, on their back, heck even on their stomach either way you gotta just get them not moving :rofl: I am most likely the worse journal guest ever, LoL people see me and they like "Shite, this c#nt again" :rofl:
I'm always last to the party. Can't wait to see this Suntana. I've never had GGC but love both parents. I had a real soft spot for PW's PCK x Erdpurt so I bet your PCK cross will be nice. Love the colour potential.
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