Wild Strain From The Midwest

Traveled to the in law's last year anf stumbled upon a fully matured, impregnated, sativa dominate cannabis plant.
Of course I took a bunch of seeds and got them back home!!
Tis the season, so I tried to pop what I brought.
7 cracked and 4 actually took (went to Boston after this pic, pretty sure the house sitter neglected all of my plants...). 2 for sure ladies, 1 I'm 85% on fem, and a male.
This will be my second outdoor grow, so here we go!
I'm bored at work so I'm gonna tell you what I have going on and my plans!!

I dug 3 holes in all, they were all 2.5' in diameter and about the same deep.
I filled the holes with a 50/50 mix of Ocean Forest and Green lite (roots organic)

There's a stop sale on tarantula here in OR so I went with Great white for microbes (even though they are present in the soil).

I'm feeding with age old fish and seaweed (for the next 2 weeks), big bloom (rest of flower minus flush), and age old grow (Rest of grow minus flush).

I will eventually add some guano, bud candy, and big bud (octoberish).

I will water about 2.33 times a week or so.
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